Today, March 24…

Outside my window…Sunshine.  And it’s cold. 

I am thinking…about food.  What I’m going to eat next.  I mean after I finish off the cadbury mini eggs.   

I am thankful that…Henry’s audiology appointment went well…no change in his audiogram.    

From the kitchen…Quiche and cantaloupe.  This is the best quiche–ham, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, and cheeses…YUM!  It takes some effort though, but the good thing is that the recipe makes 3 or 4 quiche. 

I am wearing…Jeans and a beige hoodie thing.  And my big honkin’ suede slip-ons because it is cold out again. 

I am creating…I actually started the book.  I did, I wrote.  And I don’t like what I wrote.  It’s not right.  But at least I got started, right?  Even if I have to restart.

I am going…to my office today…just for a pop-in.  Ella is not a fan.  Except she likes Mrs. O, who stuffs her with candy when we go.   

I am reading…Nothing. I have “A Pirate Looks at Fifty” by Jimmy Buffett all ready to go, but I just really am not interested in it.  The Man says it’s an easy read, but it doesn’t interest me.      

I am hoping…that the economy shapes up, and I mean now. 

I am hearing…The monitor.  Ella is waking up.  And it’s 9:00, woohoo!  I really should be getting started on the quiche while I have the time…   

Around the house...Well, the mulching was finished this weekend.  Sunday morning, The Man comes home from Mass feeling achey, and spent the next several hours lying there semi-lifeless.  I assumed the day would be pretty much like that.  Then around 11:00, he said, “I feel better, I’m going to go finish the mulch.”  So he did that, then he spread grass seed.  Then he put up the zip wire for the kids.  Then he came in and drank a glass of wine.  Then when I asked him to help me with Ella, because I was trying to cook supper, he said “I’m sick…”  Whaaa? 

One of my favorite things…The Man.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Meeting Kelly for coffee.  And all the rest of the normal stuff.  You know, cleaning and such.   Was hoping to have a happy hour on Friday, but guess what?  Both of the boys have baseball Friday evening at 5:30.  Hello?  Schedule-makers, it’s the weekend.  Why oh why… 

Here is picture thought I am sharing…Oh, right, still can’t do that… 


3 thoughts on “Today

  1. marcyh says:

    What is up with that Friday night baseball practice?…we have it here in our house too. Not a fan at all.

    How come you can’t post pictures anymore??

    Good news for Henry.

    I’m bummed I’m missing coffee 😦

    I hope the economy shapes up soon too….it has to soon, right?

    Miss you girl.


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