When You Think You Have Everything Under Control

I’m sitting here drenched in sunshine.  Some days, it’s the only way I can seem to get warm.  This is my favorite spot in the morning, here in the kitchen right across from the window.  Sometimes I catch myself staring out into the woods…everything still gray and bare.  Woodpeckers skimming up and down the trees and above them, a very large bird circles.  Today it is breezy.

We are in the flux between winter sports and spring sports.  Somehow our schedule doubled between last week and this week.  That both thrills and concerns me.  We have started spring basketball, and flag football starts next week.  Unbelievable as it may be, there are very few practice conflicts and I think someone up there had a hand in this scheduling perfection.

Kate will be moving into the advanced riding lessons.  This is both good and bad.  Good because she is advancing.  Bad because we are changing instructors and I have a particular fondness for her current instructor, and a particular nervousness about her future instructor.  She kind of terrifies me.  But she doesn’t seem to bother Kate much.  Perhaps I am a bit of a weenie.

Ella could not be any cuter in her ballet class.  Not even a pinch cuter.  She’s still trying to get the hang of it…the straight legs are really throwing her for a loop.  She continues to feign illness at school.  It is humorous only because I know the look she can put on her little face that makes her look as though she is dying.  She is quite a good little actress.

I tore the carpet off the stairs a couple weeks ago.  Once the runner was off, and the tacky strips and the staples were all removed, they looked pretty good.  They needed paint on the rises though, and I realized that the woodwork along the steps and up the walls also needed repainting and recaulking, so it took a few days but they look nice now.  We had some wall repairs to make as well, so we spackled those up and when we weren’t looking, Poppy licked every ounce of spackle right off the walls.  So we re-spackled and painted while she hung around, licking her chops.  It all looks quite nice now.

When you think you have everything under control, and you’re just going to spend a quiet day doing laundry, your washing machine breaks.  And not only does it break, but it breaks mid-load, full of clothes and soap and water.  You would not believe how much water those things can hold.  If your washing machine breaks mid-load, you will find out that they can hold buckets upon buckets upon buckets of water.  I took the washing machine apart and ordered the part that is most likely broken (I don’t have a tester thingy to be certain) and tomorrow I shall fix the washing machine.  Hear me roar.

Poppy is pacing around whining because normally during the day when she is not perched on the back of the sofa looking out the window like a cat, she is sleeping in the laundry room on the sunny patch on the floor.  Only today, there are laundry machine parts all over the laundry room, and there is no place for her to lay down.  It is very distressing to her.  So she comes over and stares at me and whines, which is very distressing to me.

She has found a patch of sun in the kitchen now, right next to me, that did not pass muster the first time she tried it.  She slipped into the laundry room again, and finding that the situation in there had not improved, has decided this spot is as good as it’s going to get, and has relented.  Her feet are curled under and the sunlight bounces off her whiskers.  Around me all I hear is her slow, deep breathing and the steady hum of the refrigerator.  

When You Think You Have Everything Under Control

4 thoughts on “When You Think You Have Everything Under Control

  1. Oh boy, I’d like to find a patch of sunshine to curl up in too.

    You do such a beautiful job of flowing with the rhythms of life, and sharing it with us. I feel like I’m in your kitchen, by the window, watching Poppy, and cheering for you – fixing the washing machine!


  2. Toni :0) says:

    Yep, I can relate with a broken washer, mid-cycle of course. Hauling out all that water AND sopping wet clothes equals ZERO fun. Every time my 12 year old washer finishes washing a load, I praise God for surviving another load. Thankfully I have the appliance plan through our gas company, so each time it breaks, they come out and service it but if it gets beyond repair, they give you a bit of cash to put toward a new one. Not a bad deal.

    Silly Poppy, spackle is not good for your tummy, keep to the spots of sunshine. Heck, I’d lay down with her in those spots if it meant a nap with a cozy doggie.

    I cracked up at your weenie comment. Funny how impressions of people freak us out. You are not alone my friend, I think I feel that way about far too many people!

    Guess I’ll need to be referring to you as Mrs. Fix It from now on eh?! LOL!

    At least you didn’t give your kid too much antibiotic and made him so sick, he never made it to school today. Mom fail big time. :0(

    Have a great weekend! I love your blog, it describes my life a bit too perfectly…too bad we weren’t neighbors, we could at least be whining together over a glass of wine. LOL :0)

  3. I just found your blog as I was searching hearing loss online. I have a almost 12 month old daughter with hearing loss. It’s nice to hear other stories!

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