There is just nothing left in my head after three days heavy on accounting.  I don’t know how people do this for a living.  I really don’t.  My mind is numb after a couple hours.  Let me tell you a fun little story. Imagine me, waking up this morning all happy and fresh and ready to go, grabbing my coffee, and hopping onto my computer.  And trying to open the document I worked on for hours the previous day, and I can’t find it.  Because apparently I didn’t save it.  Or I saved it in some wierd file that I cannot find.  And it is the absolute worst part of the accounting process…the internal controls part.  In a word…sucky.  And I had to do it over.  All over people.    Four more hours of documenting our internal controls. 


This weekend was so beautiful I actually contemplated the idea of running.  I mean like for exercise.  

Me:  Kate, I think I might start running.

Kate:  YOU?

Me:  Yeah, me, why not? 

Kate:  Well, um, it just doesn’t really seem like you.

Yeah, she’s right.  I’m just going to go back to cookies.  They’re more like me.


Later in the day, Kate and I had a conversation about the temperature, and how men always seem to be warmer than women.  I asked her why she thought that was, and she said maybe because men are more active.  “You know, Daddy is always outside and doing stuff, and you are always inside.”  Mm-hm.

“And what do you think I do in there all day?” 

“You know, you’re just kind of still, and doing work on your computer.”  Mm-hm.

And the laundry just magically does itself, the supper is prepared by the phantom chef, the groceries are purchased with my personal assistant and the nanny chases Ella all day long.  Among all the other stuff I don’t do.  Because I need to be still. 


Having dreams about blog friends.  Nothing wierd.  Just normal.  Like we’re having coffee or something.  Or squeezing key limes.  Darcie, I had a dream that I bought a bag of those key limes, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of juice that came out of one of those teeny tiny little limes.  And I actually thought, in my dream, “I’m going to have to tell Darcie about this.”   

I wonder why people buy those key limes…are they better?  I mean, because they are SMALL.  And I’m just thinking it would take a lot of them make any measurable amount of liquid.


Henry has learned how to skip.  He is the first one of the kids to learn how to skip before kindergarten.  A little triumph for him.  The children are always assessed for skipping in kindergarten.  Apparently there is some correlation between the ability to skip and the ability to read.  Or something.  I don’t know.  Anyway, there has been no correlation so far in my home with skipping and reading.  Both Kate and William learned to read WELL before learning to skip.  In fact, I don’t even know if William can skip yet.  I haven’t checked his skipping skills lately.  And Henry can skip, but not read.  So there you have it.  The theory of skip-readability has been disproven.   You’re welcome.


Want to know what song I’m singin’ in my little head today?  Crunchy, Munchy Honey Cakes.  You’re welcome.  There has been a steady stream of Wiggles tunes penetrating the solitude around here since The Man is home all week on his funlough.  Who really says muslix flakes anyway?  Is there such a think as muslix flakes?  I mean other than the cereal?  Can you just go and buy muslix flakes to use in your cooking?

Alrighty.  TTFN.  Crunchy munchy honey cakes…crunchy munchy honey cakes…crunchy munchy honey cakes…crunchy munchy honey cakes… 


For Today

A glimpse into my day, just an ordinary day…

FOR TODAY February 10…

Outside my window…a chilly morning, but we will be blessed with another relatively warm winter day today.

I am thinking…about everything I seem to be doing wrong.

I am thankful for…the fact that The Man’s furlough is allowing me to work on accounting.  It is the silver lining.  We’ve decided to call it a “funlough.”  Although so far, it hasn’t been very much fun.  I mean accounting.  That’s just not fun people.

From the kitchen…beef with barley soup, and ciabatta.    

I am wearingTake a wild guess.

I am creating…valentine’s with the kids.  Two of them love it.  One of them, who shall remain nameless, finds the activity to be rather dull and annoying. 

I am going…insane with all these numbers.  And to the party store for plates for the kids’ school Valentine’s Day parties.

I am reading…To Kill a Mockingbird.  Still good.  Really, really good.

I am hoping…to get a lot done today.  Yesterday I worked for 8 hours.  Got very little else done. 

I am hearing…Ella and her Daddy.  The Man is singing Wiggles songs.  This is moderately disturbing.

Around the house…Lots to clean.  What else is new.   

One of my favorite things…a picture of Coco that sits on my desk.  I was missing him yesterday.  I miss him right now. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  accounting.  Oh, and I’ll probably do some accounting. 

Here is picture thought I am sharing

madame-bluebirdThe Man said he saw Roxanne and her male around the birdhouse the other day.  Spring must be near.

For Today