I have never been one to make resolutions.  I can’t keep them.  It seems silly to go through the motions, every year, knowing full well that they mean nothing to me, and so I don’t.

I did, however, make some resolutions for Poppy, because she is in serious need of reform.

1.  Resist the temptation to bark at every last squirrel in the forest.

2.  Stop eating legos.

3.  Refrain from licking nether regions in public.

4.  Stop tinkling on blankie.

5.  Fix breath problem.

Numbers 1, 3 and 5 present a serious challenge, and it is clear from days 1, 2 and 3 of this new year that she is going to struggle.  But, once she masters these resolutions, she will absolutely, totally be the perfect dog.

Puppy dog eyes NST

One thing is certain…she has totally mastered the art of puppy dog eyes.

Happy new year!