Rainbow Sprinkles

Henry, you are the rainbow sprinkles of life.

Henry Laughing on Bridge NST

I love you with all my heart.

Rainbow Sprinkles


Ella, you just go on over there and pick some flowers and I’ll take your picture, okay?

Okay Ella, try not to stick your tongue out.  And you don’t need to look at me.  Just be natural.

Really Ella?  

You don’t need to be that natural. 

Just smile, okay? 

Or don’t even smile … just pick some flowers. 

Okay Ella, that is a scary-person smile.  

Just be normal.   

She continued to crack herself up. 

She would make a face and then crack up. 

And then I would crack up. 

She is awesome.


Sunshine, Sandcastles, Ice Cream, Laughter

It was a ten hour drive to the beach.   A Ten.Hour.Drive. 

That was sucky. 

And as we entered the Outer Banks, mother nature blessed us with a downpour.  Wind.  Torrential rains.  

So to recap:  trapped in car for ten hours;  rain. 

Then we arrived at the house.  We let the kids run around for an hour and then tucked them snuggly in their beds.  Luckily, we brought the pack-n-play for Ella, because the crib that was supplied was not assembled.  Isn’t that useful?  So I layed Ella in the pack-n-play, and closed the door.  Fifteen seconds later I could hear her screaming at the door.  Because she just climbed right on out of that pack-n-play.  The pack-n-play was also, clearly, very useful.   

So she slept in the bed with me that night.  And to be honest, I’m rather thankful for that crib being disassembled that night.  Sleeping with that little redheaded cherub by my side was not really restful.  But lying there watching her sleep and feeling her curled up next to me was nothing short of wonderful.   

I awoke to the sound of that little girl, two inches from my face, saying “Mommy.  Hi.”  She makes my heart come all undone…      

Then The Man put the crib together. 

And it rained some more.  And was cloudy.

But on the third day, the clouds parted and the sun fell on our faces and warmed the sand.  We did very little but play all day.  And eat ice cream.  All week. 

Henry in the Sand NST

(Look at his round belly…he’s just all sorts of cute…)

This week was sun-bleached hair, freckles, pink shoulders and pink cheeks. 

Kate Wrapped in Towel nst

And sandy little feet.     

Ella Sandy Toes B&W

And building sandcastles. (Which William takes very.very.seriously.  Don’t mess with his castles). 

William Building Sand Castle 2 NST

We collected shells.  We chased sandpipers.

Ella Chasing Sandpiper B&W NST 

We played in the surf.

 William in the surf B&W NST

We laughed. 

Henry's freckles B&W NST

Ella Laughing B&W NST

William Laughing B&W NST

Kate Laughing B&W NST

(There may have been a couple tiny little tantrums.  Or something.  But whatever.)

Four little children, drawn to the swirls of foamy surf.  Squealing with delight and fear and anticipation of the sea, crashing on their little feet.    

The Four B&W NST

This past week at the shore reminded me what childhood should consist of…sunshine, sandcastles, ice cream, laughter.  

It was lovely.



Sunshine, Sandcastles, Ice Cream, Laughter