What Today is Like.

It is a cold and rainy day.  Right now, though, I can see a baby blue sky through the gray clouds.  And the sun is shining on the bare redbud branches outside my window.

Poppy is attempting to drive me fully insane with her whining.  All day she whines.  All.  Day.  It used to be that she watched the squirrels on the ground as they skittered around looking for acorns in our yard.  Once they got up the trees, I guess she lost sight of them.  But now.  Now, she likes to stare at them high up in the trees.  And whine.  There is one tree that sits about 15 feet from the house, right in front of a window.  And in that tree sits a squirrel every now and then.  It sits eye level with Poppy.  It stares at us. I’m not even kidding.  It nibbles on it’s little acorns with it’s cute little hands and it’s fluffy little tail and it looks smack in our faces and Poppy goes absolutely bat-sh*t crazy.  I mean crazy like she is going to kill someone crazy.  I believe the squirrel does it on purpose.

The kids are playing here and there.  I took away the video games, ipods, computers and televisions for the rest of the day.  Too much of that goes on lately.  So they are playing with cars and apparently William is posturing in front of the mirror, talking smack to himself.  “You talkin’ to ME?” and stuff like that.  Kate thinks it’s funny.

Dinner smells good.  I made french dip sandwiches.  I’ve seen that idea around a lot lately, and figured I’d try.  Only I am attempting to go without gluten these days, so I guess I’ll just have a plate of beef.  I’ve been tired.  For about 10 years.  Not just regular tired, but crazy tired like there is something wrong with me.  I thought it was my iron level.  Nope.  Thought it was because I wasn’t getting enough sleep.  So we bought a ridiculously nice and expensive mattress and now I sink into a cloud of loveliness every night and I am still tired.  And then the headaches started.  And they got to be so bad that I couldn’t do anything but lay down and try to sleep it off.  But even that didn’t really help, except it got my mind off the tired part.  And then the mild depression started.  And the leg aches.  Aching and aching and aching.  So I decided to try to go off the gluten.  Headaches are gone.  Energy level up.  Not sad.  Legs still ache but I think that may be a function of how much I am standing all day.  Plus my shoes are awful.

So it could be in my head.  Or it could be gluten.  I miss cookies.  I miss crackers.  And bread.  Oh how I miss the bread.  I opened a bag of whole wheat rolls yesterday and the smell was absolutely intoxicating and I think I drooled.

Henry has an orthodontist appointment tomorrow.  Number three at the orthodontist.  I get a sibling discount, but I am thinking that it should be more of a buy two get one free deal for me on this.  Anyhow, that poor boy has no idea what he is in for.

Ella has ballet tomorrow.  This will be her second class.  Be still my heart.  She is seriously cute in her little leotard and tights and ballet slippers.  I even figured out how to put her hair in a ballet bun and it was precious.  She looked at herself in the mirror and when I thought she was going to smile and think how pretty she looked, what she said was “I hope no one laughs at my ears.”  I told her I loved her little ears.

David has a meeting tonight, so I will get the kids in bed and maybe I’ll finish my book.  I’m reading Crossing to Safety.  At least it will be quiet tonight.  Poppy can’t see the squirrels to whine at them once it gets dark, and I suppose they’re all in their snug little beds anyway.  I’m looking forward to it, I guess.  Getting everyone cleaned up and in their jammies…settling down to read together.  I hope it’s not a mess up there.  There is nothing that spins me out of control at 7:00pm like a few messy bedrooms.

Night-night world.

What Today is Like.