Laundry, Clovers and Good Fortune

I am not sure where the week went.  We went to Blacksburg last weekend which, of course, was awesome. We all came home with sunburns. You would think that after almost eleven years of raising ginger people I would get the fact that I need to apply sunblock.  I failed.

Anyway, so we left Blacksburg early Sunday to get back in town for Will’s middle school basketball tryouts. And then we had two games.  And I didn’t get the sheets changed.  So on Monday I was doing laundry and sheets all day long.  And then our house was void of all food, so Tuesday I went all over town and back again for food. It is becoming increasingly difficult just to keep the house stocked with food. Why do they eat so much??? And we had an audiology appointment and an ophthalmologist appointment, and then we had softball and cheer practices so I didn’t clean anything in this entire house. And there was a LOT of laundry STILL sitting in the chair waiting patiently to be folded.

Then it was David’s birthday, so I cooked a lot, and went shopping and got myself a couple of sweaters and some new jeans for his birthday. And I went to the home depot and bought him a new weed wacker for his present. (That is what he wanted.) And the laundry still needed to be folded.

Then it was Thursday and I cleaned bathrooms.  And I finally finished folding the laundry. Kate had riding lessons and while we were there Ella spent most of the time on the tire swing getting filthy, eating popsicles and finding four leaf clovers.  She found 21 I think.  She spread them all out on the island and everyone picked two clovers to keep for themselves.  Henry put one in his sock this morning for good luck on his test.

“Wish me luck on my test today mom!”

“What test?!”

“My science test.”

“Did you study?”

“No.  I forgot about that.”


“I know.”

Yeah, so he’s relying on the four leaf clover and his natural brilliance.  Good thing he’s got the clover. And now it’s Friday. This morning, the old man forgot to turn off the alarm before he let Poppy out, so everyone was wide awake and terrified nice and early. Ella was looking at the clovers she pressed in a book, and left the book on the floor so Poppy came by and ate the clovers. Let me repeat that. Poppy ate the clovers.

“What’s Poppy eating?”
“I don’t know.”
“Where are my clovers?”

So that was great because then there were hysterical sobs. And can I just say that I had a hard time not smiling during all of the sobbing because Ella has lost one of her front two teeth and the other one is kind of all snaggly looking and she looked unbelievably adorable with her freckles and that crazy tooth and her eyes pinched shut and tears running down her face. She reminds me totally and completely of Ellie from Up.

So anyway, this whole clover eating thing was very, very traumatic because Ella had chosen the most special five leaf clovers that she had found and put them in the book to save them. And now they’re sliding down the dog’s intestinal tract, along with my sunglasses which Poppy chewed up on Monday, and the pencil she chewed up on Tuesday, and the gum and paper she chewed up on Wednesday. (When you come home from running errands and you find shreds of paper and thin strands of gum all over your front entry you know it is going to be a fantastical day.)

So after the clover incident everyone got dressed, and then everyone went to school. And at 3:00 I will pick them up, and that is when the bickering will begin. (I wonder how much Calgon it would take to actually take me away during the bickering…) But hey, I’m not cooking tonight, and there is going to be beer available, and I get to see my family. So there is always that to look forward to.

This weekend there is a softball game and two football games and three basketball games. Oh, and my baby brother is finally getting married to the most wonderful girl ever. I’ll be honest — I am probably going to drink some wine this weekend. And when I say “some,” I mean more than two.

The cool weather is coming. Leaves are falling. It’s the time of year in which I feel this incredibly strong urge to settle in…to add layers, and warm blankets, and candles. To make warm, rich meals, and sip cocoa or coffee or wine in the evening while I read, covered in the soft glow of a lamp. It’s a time to slow down, look around, and thank God for our good fortune.

It’s kind of amazing how you can live an entire week, not realizing how wonderful your life is, until you sit down to write it out in all its mundane glory. And then when you do, you see that even in the midst of all of the errands, and the work and the things the dog ate, there is so much goodness hidden in all that mundane.

Laundry, Clovers and Good Fortune