August.  I think it is becoming my favorite month.  I don’t think I’d given much thought to it before…it was sort of just sitting there in between July and September…not as fun as July with it fireworks and barbecues and whatnot, and not as glorious as September when school starts and the weather cools down and football is in full swing.

But this year, August looks a little different to me.  August means slow days of sunshine and freezer pops and walks and bike rides and picnics.  August means, sadly, the last few weeks of having the kids home with me all day, and of me creating my own schedule.  The last few weeks of sipping coffee without the rush of having to go somewhere.  August is beautiful weather…beautiful, beautiful sunshine and warm days.  Tomatoes and basil that are abundant.  Butterflies…they finally seem to have found our garden.  We found five tiny eggs on dill in our garden and brought them inside to watch them cycle through their life.  They are in their chrysalises right now, and in about a week will begin to emerge as black swallowtails.

And August is football and cheer…helmets and mouth guards, pads and water bottles…pom poms and hair bows and bloomers and learning a dance that I am too old to look good doing but must learn in order to help Ella practice.

The boys have started football.  I don’t think my life could feel more complete at this point.  Seriously.  Last night William had a scrimmage.  The field was set high on a hill, and in the distance are hills and mountains.  It was beautiful.  I sat and listened to the whistles blowing and the helmets cracking against pads and the coaches yelling “find the ball” and “hit somebody” and “atta boy” and I can’t tell you the peace that surged through me. It is just all kinds of wonderful if you ask me.  William comes home every night with new (large) bruises and bumps and scrapes.  Which secretly thrills me a teensy.  Is it weird that I like the bruises?  I told him so last night…I told him that “I kinda like your bruises, Pal.”  And he said, “yeah, they make you look tough.”  Then we both smiled.  He is happy.

The other day I made a plum breakfast cobbler.  Holy wow.  I am going to make another one, maybe today.  I need to deadhead the coneflowers, and try to pollinate the zucchini plants.  I have a whole lotta male flowers, and no females…which means no zucchini (I learned that yesterday).  Then I’ll pick a few tomatoes, chop and freeze them.  I think I will cut some basil too, while I’m at it.  I made an orange basil vinaigrette a couple weeks ago that was also holy wow, so I’ll make some more of that.  And we have a few school supplies to get.  The boys have about 20 wii games we’re going to sell for a little spending cash, and then we’ll come home to make fajitas before we head out to football and cheer practice.  It will be another late night.

Tomorrow we will wake up early, and head out to football…pictures, scrimmages, silent auctions and carnival games, and of course, some junk food.  I am so looking forward to all of it.

Life feels good today.