I am sitting here in the kitchen this afternoon.  Ella has a little friend over here and she is giving her the grand tour…I can hear her up there…this is Kate’s room, and this is the boys’ room.  And I hear her little friend say “Holy Moly that is a mess!”  I wince a little.

The boys’ room is generally very neat.  William insists upon that.  He cannot stand clutter.  But this morning we were in a race to get out the door.  Too much basketball…we had practice last night and didn’t return until after 8:00.  We finally ate, showered and got into bed by 9:30, but that amount of running around just exhausted them all, and they slept late this morning.  I let them.  So there was no time to make the bed, or pick up the clothes, or fold their clean laundry and there it sits in their room.  It does look a mess, I suppose.

This morning Kate informed me that she simply cannot use her bathroom because there are a million tiny bugs in there everywhere.  So I went to look.  Yes, there were bugs.  It looks like someone opened the window in there yesterday and didn’t close it properly and those teeny tiny flying things got in.  I sprayed them and told her I would clean that bathroom up today before her friends came over.  Which I did.

Then as I was checking her ipod for texts, I was horrified to read that she told her friends that her bathroom was infested with bugs and that if they needed to go to the bathroom while they were here that they could not use that one!  Oh the horror.

So clearly I am not earning high marks in keeping a clean house.

The weather is gray today.  It is mild…75 degrees…and I have arranged for William to have rides to and from practice tonight.  I don’t have anywhere to go.  That doesn’t happen very often.  I think I am going to work outside a little if the rain holds off.  I have some basil to plant, and I need to pot up my tomato and marigold seedlings.  There are pots on the deck that cracked over the winter, and I need to clean those up.  We bought some hollies on Mother’s Day that need to be planted as well, which is probably more than I can handle today.

Funny story about the hollies (unless you’re me).  David drove my car home from the greenhouse with the lift gate up because we had the holly trees in the back.  I was a few minutes behind him because I needed to wait for someone to load the dirt into my car.  So when I get home, he comes running out of the driveway to stop me from pulling in and I see millions of shards of glass all over the driveway, because he backed into the basketball rim and destroyed my car, or at least the back window.  So, he spent the next two hours vacuuming that up while I pouted in my room.  When I emerged, he tried to cheer me by informing me that he went to the store to get industrial strength trash bags to tape on the back for when I’m driving around.  His solution, however resourceful it may have been, did not leave me feeling enthusiastic, or thankful, or cheery or anything other than wow.  And not wow in a good way.  More like, wow, I can’t believe I’m going to have to drive around in a car held together with trash bags and duct tape.  But, because it was mother’s day and I was trying to pretend I am a good mother, I got a beer and went outside to look at my flowers and not snap at anyone.

This all reminds me of the (numerous) time(s) I said that the basketball hoop was too low when set on 6 feet, and how I was afraid I was going to hit it and how we really should raise it up, and how someone who shall remain nameless scoffed at all that.  Isn’t that interesting?  Right.

For this weekend we have another 10 games, at least.  After the last game on Sunday, I hope we can cook out.  We will have to use the Weber, because our fancy gas grill has disintegrated and we haven’t ordered the new parts yet.  And maybe we won’t.  I think the Weber might be better anyway…I miss the charcoal.  I miss the smell, and the flames, and watching the coals turn from black to red to gray.  I miss the time it takes to cook.  We hurry everything along these days because we try to get so much accomplished in so little time.  We forget that there is importance in taking it easy and enjoying time spent together, doing nothing at all.  We can watch Poppy run around in the backyard, sip a glass of wine, and dream about all of the landscaping that we’re going to do, someday.  

I don’t know if I could plan a better weekend.