Bad Words

I was working in the garden spreading some old dirt around. There were large roots in it that I thought looked like guts.

“Guts” I said.  “Hey Ella, I’m going to say a bad word.”

“What word?” 

“Guts.  Guts guts guts.”  (This line is from the movie Ramona and Beezus, which Ella was very familiar with at the time.  In the movie, everyone laughs because guts is not a bad word. Which is why it is funny in the first place.)

“Hey Mom, I’m going to say a bad word.”

“What word, Ella?”


“What the?  Ella, don’t say that word.  That’s not funny — that is a bad word.”

I wrote that a few years ago, when Ella was five.  I never published it.  I don’t know why. Maybe I was embarrassed that my five year old princess had a sailor’s mouth. Good thing she was awfully cute…

Ella at the Barn NST

Bad Words

6 thoughts on “Bad Words

  1. Toni :0) says:

    Hahaha oh that made me laugh out loud, people are staring at me in my office. So funny! Outta the mouth of babes for sure! She’s gorgeous. Love her beautiful eyes and those sweet little ears.

      1. Toni :0) says:

        The funny thing is after reading your comment it brought a memory back. I once said “Da@% you Nick” at my brother and boy did I ever get in trouble for that at the age of four! LOL

    1. Crappy is one of those words that you think is way better than what you really want to say but then when you hear your two year old say “crap!” it doesn’t really sound so nice. But I guess it’s significantly better than the f word…

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