Car Trouble

It’s 6:30 on Sunday morning. I couldn’t sleep.

The sunlight comes through our bathroom window. I could tell by the way the dappled light was shifting on the wall that there was a soft breeze blowing outside. I came downstairs to sip coffee and watch the branches sway, the leaves flutter and the sunlight dance as it rose over the ravines and through the trees. Simple, beautiful sunshine…it mends my soul.

Last weekend we took a trip to visit the parentals in coastal North Carolina. I actually forgot about school and deadlines and responsibility for a few days. Anyway, about five hours into the trip (maybe more…it’s all a blur now) we stopped for gas. It was at this point that the old man realized that the reverse gear was not functional. Um… Okay… So we forged ahead because really, what else could we do? The rest of the trip remained uneventful if you don’t count the dashboard beeping, the transmission light flaring, the jerky gear shifting and my fervent praying for us to puh-lease not get stuck on the bridge.

And then the next morning, the car wouldn’t go into drive, either.

I am going to miss that car.

We bought a new car a few days later. I cried the first time I drove it…one of those cries where you feel it in your throat, and in your chest, and your eyes water up but no tears fall. The new car is very nice, but all I really wanted was my old, smelly, gravely-engined Mountaineer back.

And now I have become the food police in the new car, Kate teases me.

No food in the new car!

No red Gatorade in the new car!

No water in the new car!  (You know how if you spill water in the car it smells like rotten beans for the next thirteen years? Ask me how I know…)

Someone, who shall remain nameless, got chocolate all over the inside door handle. The car is three days old and it’s already ruined. I looked at the chocolate and freaked out a tiny bit. And then out of my mouth flew a sentence that has been handed down through the generations…

This is why we can never have anything nice.

Car Trouble

6 thoughts on “Car Trouble

  1. Toni :0) says:

    Oh awesome! Bittersweet I’m sure as previous car was paid for and now there’s a payment. Darn kids, they always muck up the new stuff don’t they?! Ugh! Enjoy the new car chocolate smell. 😉

  2. No fun to have car trouble EVER, but especially on vacation. But OOOOOooooooo… new car!
    (While I’m (a little) envious, I think I’d be intimidated by a new car. My “pre-disastered” (cracked windshield, dented door, etc.) 2002 mini-van is comfortable for now.)
    Enjoy and make new memories 😀

    1. Julie, I am intimidated by the new car. My car was also a 2002, and it was F.A.N.C.Y. back then. But this new thing? I can’t figure out how to get it to tell me how much gas I have. So last night it keeps telling me the gas is low, and asking me if I want it to tell me where the nearest gas station is. So I’m thinking I’d just better get some gas. So I get to the gas station, and I can’t figure out how to open the gas tank. Not kidding. Couldn’t find the button or the lever or whatever that would open the thing. So I sat in the parking lot for 10 minutes reading the owners manual to figure out how to put gas in the car. Hahaha! It is nice though…and at least I don’t have to worry about a breakdown for a while.

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