The Magic of Ordinary Days

Last week I made all of the kids flannel jammie pants. It was a lesson in patience and learning to cover mistakes. And P.S., I am not real good with the buttonholer. Luckily, my clientele is not terribly discriminating and they have been wearing those soft flannel pants all week even in the 90+ degree heat.  While they laid around in their flannel loungewear, I would spend time in the garden.  The flowers in the garden are more beautiful this year than they have ever been.  The herbs are growing steadily, and the tomatoes are coming along. That is all I planted this summer…maybe next summer there will be more.

I sat the other morning, watching the kids eat english muffins topped with a pat of butter and doused in homemade blueberry jam.  While it is a bit of a romantic sight to see your children devouring homemade blueberry jam while it runs down their arms in thin purple streams, it is also messy. And an indication that the jam was a bit on the thin side.  I will try again later in the summer…

Yesterday, Henry and I spent three hours or something like that building a lego set.  It gave me a reason to avoid steam cleaning my carpets.  Eventually though, the steaming had to be done.  Disgusting.  We live in filth.

Today I went for a run. It was absolutely awful.  It was five miles of yuck.  From the first step I could tell it would be unpleasant.  And then about 40 minutes into the running, I got these rapid fire texts from Ella:

Hi can I get Netflix?
On my IPod?
Odd dj
Do hdjdhd
Hdjdjfjd didhhd

At which point I said, with all the breath I could expend because seriously, I thought I was going to die on this run:

Stop texting me

And she stopped, but only after I got one more “Please?” Then The Man began texting me about his commute, and everyone was on some sort of party text where the whole family gets all the texts, so I could stay up to speed on what everyone was doing at that exact moment, when all I wanted was for my phone to stop vibrating and whistling at me for the next 20 minutes. It could be worse, I know… I mean seriously, how long can you stay frustrated at these freckles:

Ella 2014 B&W NST


This summer hasn’t been all flowers and flannel jammies and lovely blueberry jam drips down our arms, of course. There has been plenty of crying and bickering and teasing and whatnot, too.  And a lot of other kinks in the ordinary chain of events…like the blueberry bush that I planted — you will not believe how many blueberries we have harvested this summer so far.


Two berries — which were outstanding by the way. The birds are getting all of them. Which I knew would happen but I somehow thought perhaps that the laws of nature would cease to exist in my garden.

And the car…we had to have some repairs done.

And then the lawnmower broke.

And the garage door.

And the mailbox post is rotting.

Plus our basement had to be torn apart due to the pipe that broke (which is still not fixed). We have just finally gotten the walls, painting, and carpeting finished.

And today I ran out of butter. I do not even know how that happened because in the 17+ years that we have been married I do not think we have ever, ever run out of butter.

Such is life, right? Highs and lows and ordinary days… But there is magic in those ordinary days.  Look for it.  There you’ll be, just trying to get through another day of cooking dinner while Spongebob plays in the background and you’ll look over and see your four children in the soft, muted light of a late summer afternoon. There they’ll sit, in their flannel jammies, after a day at the pool. They’ll laugh at something…a couple of them will still have a spot of sticky blueberry jam on their cheeks.  And it will knock you off your feet.

Your life is magical.

The Magic of Ordinary Days

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Ordinary Days

  1. Toni :0) says:

    Geez when it rains it pours over there eh?! Glad you can see the brightness in that. Those darn birds. They are eating my grass seed too. I feel your pain. Kudos on the flannel jammies and the homemade jam, I’m sure you are a rock star in their eyes. Keep it up Martha Stewart! 😉

  2. Me, your Mom says:

    Yes, birds. The whole spring before we left the old gray house, there was a robin who chose my car to c**p on, every single day, several times a day. Dad was constantly cleaning it off the sun roof, the side mirrors, the doors. I don’t miss that robin one bit.

  3. This took my breath away, honestly. Because YES, such truth. And also because last night when Grace was crying – today she went to sleep away camp and she is always sad the night before – I reminded her of what she said to me in 2011, the night before her first time at sleep away camp. I told her she was going to be having a wonderful time and I’d be at home in my ordinary life, and she looked at me with stern, 8 year old eyes, and said firmly, “Mummy. Your life is full of magic.” I wrote about it then and I think about it all the time. xoxoxo

  4. Oh yes… the ordinary magic 😀 Three cheers for homemade jam, runny or thick. And the flannel jammies! I’m VERY impressed, as I avoid making buttonholes like the plague. Net for the blueberry bushes? I woke to a huge pile of deer poop next to my former flowers. *sigh*

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