This is the Beginning.

Our first basketball tournament of the spring season is behind us now.  Henry’s team lost the championship game by one point in overtime.  It was the first time since The Will’s team won the national championship that I felt the stinging of tears on my lashes.  They were good tears, though, the kind that come when your heart is overflowing with love and pride for your son and his team that never ever gave up.

And today I awoke with a scratchy throat and that tired feeling you get when your weekend was busy with basketball and mulch and laundry and grocery shopping and not much else.  And it is raining.  All day it will rain.

I have to take Henry for x-rays today. He fell pretty hard on his elbow during one of the games and it is swollen and bruised and warm to the touch.  I can’t believe it could possibly be broken.  But, I didn’t really think William’s ankle was broken either.  Nor did I think William’s arm was broken.  I am not a very good judge of whether or not bones are broken I guess.  So I will take Henry in and get it over with so that we can know for sure and I won’t have to worry that I am the worst mom ever (even though I’ve actually been told by one of my children who shall remain nameless that I am, in fact, the worst mom ever).  And my little boy won’t have to walk around dragging a broken arm behind him because his mother doesn’t think it is broken.


The daffodils are up.  I like them more and more with every year that passes.  This autumn I am going to plant them under the trees in the back yard so that it is dotted in yellow smiling bunches.  I say that to myself every year, but this year I really mean it.  And crocuses…I think some purple crocus too.

Henry will get his new FM today — the replacement for the one that Poppy ate.  This is the second hearing aid/FM that Poppy has eaten and the expense is going to have to start coming out of her dog treats budget or something because this is getting ridiculous.  And also it’s a good thing she is cute.  But I gave her the cold shoulder for a good 24 hours just to show her who’s boss.

The mulch is finally done.  Well, half of it is done.  We need to order another 12-15 yards.  I love mulch.  But it is hard to believe we spend the amount of money we do on steaming piles of decaying wood bits.

We have two tournaments this coming weekend…a minimum of 8 games.  In a stroke of brilliance I decided to manage The Will’s team.  Well.  It is a lot more work than I was anticipating let me tell you.

Spring break is nearly here. I look forward with great intensity to no homework.  Teachers, please no homework or I will just about fall over from the disappointment.  We will head to the lake for a bit…fishing, hiking, sleepovers and cooking over a fire. Watching the sun’s sparkling rays kiss the lake while we sip our coffee in the rockers on the porch.  Bacon and eggs in the morning, fires in the evening.  No TV.  No internet.  Sort of the way life *should* be.

And Easter.  Little boys in oxfords and ties and little girls in dresses and shiny shoes.  Little white gloves and Easter baskets. Bunnies. Chocolate eggs.  Family.  Mass.  The beginning.

Yes, the beginning of something really, really good.

This is the Beginning.

3 thoughts on “This is the Beginning.

  1. Toni :0) says:

    Awww so nice to hear from you. Hope the elbow isn’t broken, sounds painful. I fell on the ice in January on my elbow and yep, it does hurt and for a long time.

    Oh that “bad” doggie! Hah, yep they sure are lucky they are cute. Good grief!

    Hope you have a wonderful Spring Break. I’m off today with my son. No more Florida for us, our kids are in different schools now with different breaks. Sigh, probably better anyways since we have house repairs (very expensive ones) to do. Ugh. So happy Spring is coming as well. After shoveling seven feet of snow this Winter I’ve sure had enough snow, cold and bundling up. Will be nice to pop the sunroof on my car I bought in November.

    Take care and Happy Easter friend. :0)

    1. Sarah Kilbey says:

      Aw, Kristen… you are truly such an amazing writer. I love this post. I felt the absolute same way yesterday after their game. Just love those SDS boys. And your husband… what a guy for putting SO much into them.

  2. Oh your spring break sounds GLORIOUS! I want to come rock on the porch. *sigh*

    How’s the elbow? If it makes you feel better, Gunnar had a broken arm for three days before I took him in. THREE DAYS. And I told him to quit whining when he complained that it hurt to write. (Hangs head in shame.) And he still loves me.

    Blessings on your day,

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