Tomorrow is Another Day

I haven’t had much time for photography lately, but I knew the light would be perfect — it always is at this time just before dusk in September.  The shadows are long, and the seed heads on the grass practically glow in those elongated rays of sunshine.  I finally had a chance to go through the photos this weekend.

Ella. Is. A. Ham.

But this one stills my heart…

Ella Sept 2013 NST

I look forward to the weekends.  But the last two have left me feeling like a slug…like there was no weekend…no rest.  This morning I awakened early to birds chirping in the darkness.  Though it was early, I got up, put on a pot of coffee, and read my email.  I made the lunches, and one by one the little people started to come down the stairs all sleepy-eyed and sweatshirted and smiley.  These people make the day all kinds of wonderful for me.

There will be no shortage of activities this week…we have five football practices, two volleyball practices, two cheer practices, riding lessons, two nights of CCD, a girl scout meeting, basketball workout, basketball tryouts, two football games, two volleyball games and of course, a Hokie game to watch (and while I’m thinking about it, the Hokies should totally be ranked.  That’s all.).  It is David’s birthday tomorrow, and I have errands to run…dry cleaning, vegetable pick up, groceries.  There is church on Sunday.  Plus, I have about 28 hours of work to put in.

Then there is the homework.  And the music practice.  And cleaning the baritone.  (In case you are a beginning baritone player reading this, take note:  when you remove the valves on the baritone, be sure to put them back in the right order, or you will spend the next two hours with Google trying to figure out why your baritone will not work anymore).  We have reading to do.  And supplies to collect for the less fortunate for service projects and on and on and on.  Oh, and the studying for tests.  I especially appreciate it when the children are tested on material that was not covered in class.  Like Algebra.  Oh, how I do love Algebra.  It’s just that when I wake up at 5:00am on a Saturday morning worried about how I’m going to teach something to my child and spend the next two hours researching how to simplify a negative radical and then teach it to my child using the concept of imaginary numbers, and then find out that the answer the teacher expects to the entire bleepity equation is “no real answer” I get a little bit frustrated.

From the time I am done working on any given day of the week, I create a mental list of what needs to be done next.  I have about one hour until I need to leave to walk the kids home from school.  And so I race.  I put in a load of laundry.  I take out a load of laundry and fold it.  I feed Poppy.  I let Poppy out.  I pick the tomatoes and the squash.  I water the potted plants.  I make appointments.  I strip the beds.  I pay a couple bills.  I pull something out for dinner.  I file Poppy’s nails.  I fill out the forms the kids have given me for CCD, or for field trips or for after school clubs, or picture orders.  I sign them up for sports.  I empty the dishwasher.  Sometimes I run a quick errand.  I buy birthday gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts.  I get the mail.  I deadhead some flowers if there is any time at all on any day of the week to get it done.  I trim shrubs, or limb up trees.  I pay allowances.  I bake cookies.  I write love notes.  Somewhere in between all of the practices and homework and carpool runs, I make supper.

It’s all the same stuff we all do and yet I look around at other moms…they seem to be doing things a little more gracefully than me.  It feels a little as though I’m running a marathon.  Except everyone else is an actual marathon runner, while I’m way out of shape, with shin splints and a sloppy sweatshirt on, and running out of peppiness fast.

I keep thinking that if we can get through the week, maybe on the weekend I can get to the vacuuming and the dusting and maybe I can clean those bathrooms.  And then the weekend comes…and goes…and there are still cobwebs in the corners and lip marks on the French doors (why must they put their mouths on things even still?!) and a glob of toothpaste in the sink.  I still feel something sticky by the fridge.  And clearly, I didn’t do a very good job cleaning that spot on the couch because it looks bigger now.

And I am sick.

The amazing thing is that every day I wake up feeling like I’m going to accomplish SO much.

And then I don’t.

“But tomorrow is another day,” I say to myself.  (The power of positive thinking).

Yes it is.

And you know what?  Why dust today, when you can put it off for another week or two?

Tomorrow is Another Day

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Another Day

  1. Kristen, I could never do all that you do! I’m amazed at all that you do for your family – all the activities and sports and church – and you work. And you still have time to love your family. I’m the one that feels like a slug ;D

    And if those other people appear to be doing it more gracefully? I bet we’re just not seeing the reality. You know, it’s like the duck that appears unruffled from the top, but below the water its little feet are churning all the time.

    Personally, I like the Erma Bombeck philosophy of housework…
    My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be.


  2. Mom says:

    Would you want your house to be a model home? Everyone knows no one really LIVES there. There is so much life in your home, and love. That’s what really counts. You can clean your house when all your littles are gone.

  3. Toni :0) says:

    Wholly cow girl-you sure you aren’t wearing a Superwoman cape under your clothes?! You go!! I really think I could have written this post though, it’s my life almost exactly minus two kids!! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Oh and that little word “housework” yeah screw it. Plenty of time to clean once they leave and heck what’s a few cobwebs anyways, just something to walk into and make you look like a raging lunatic swinging your arms in the air for nothing! LOL! Hang in there and email me for support, cause I got your back sista! We are SO in this thing together! Woot! :0)

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