All’s Well that Ends Well

Well.  *That* weekend didn’t exactly go as planned.  (But then, does it ever really?)

We got home from Henry’s game and got ourselves set to watch the Hokies play.  Henry looked exhausted, but I assumed he was just tired from being an absolute BEAST out there (because he was.  An absolute beast.).  About an hour later, I felt his neck and he was on fire.  So the weenie-roast-s’mores-eating-watermelon-seed-spitting-fun time was off.

Sunday we had to split up for mass because both Ella and Henry were sick.  SOOoooo…there wasn’t much time for gardening because I forgot I also had to get groceries.  Food tends to trump yardwork in my house, especially where the male peoples are concerned.  So the weekend was kind of a mess.

Henry stayed home from school on Monday.  We planned a day full of legos and movie watching.  I made kettle corn and we sat together under a fuzzy blanket and Henry shared his gummy eyeballs with me.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.

He had a fever again that night, which meant no school on Tuesday, either–school rules.  David stayed home with him on Tuesday morning while I was out.  I received the following message from the man:

“Henry should have gone to school today.”

When I arrived home they were outside running plays for his football game scheduled for that night.


Yes, I did let him play in his game.  I do not need any lectures on that thank you.  There were extenuating circumstances and that is all I will say about that at this juncture.

They won.  Henry played great.

And then he went to school on Wednesday and all was right with the world (until today, when Kate came home with a sore throat).

The end.

All’s Well that Ends Well

2 thoughts on “All’s Well that Ends Well

  1. Absolutely no lectures (or even snide remarks!) from this corner… it is NO FUN when kids are sick Or even sort of sick. And passing germs back and forth. Ugh.

    Playing in the game was probably the best medicine!

    May you have a healthy family,


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