Day Six

This is day 6 of the fractured arm, and I think I am going to begin tracking time in this manner, as everything seems to revolve around the arm.

It is also the fifth straight day of 90+ degree temperatures, which is great in the summer because you can just hit the pool to cool off.  Except that we can’t because William has a broken arm and it is not casted and the orthopedist said no, he cannot just take the splint/brace thing off real quick for a fun time in the pool.  I asked.

Then I asked if he could play in his basketball tournament this weekend.  Or the one next weekend, and the good doctor kind of looked at me like I was dumb.  I guess I just wanted to be sure, you know, before I actually went through with the torture of my son having to sit around watching everyone else have fun some more.

And then I asked him about when he could start playing football because the first day of conditioning is in only a few weeks and he must have thought I was one of those insane moms that pushes their kids to do too much when the truth is that if I do not have this boy involved in something physical for about 90% of his waking hours he will go crazy and therefore so will I.  Plus, if he can’t play, I want my registration fees back.

So he can’t shoot hoops because it is about 130 million degrees on our driveway plus he has a broken arm.

He can’t play catch because he has a broken arm.

He can’t play x-box because he has a broken arm and it hurts, strangely enough, to play x-box.

We can’t go to the pool because he has a broken arm.

We can’t ride bikes because he has a broken arm.

We can’t take a walk because it is 130 million degrees and I am just not that foolish.

So he is bored.  I tried to play a game with him.  (I should confess that I don’t really like board games.)  He got mad because he lost his job as an attorney and became something else that made significantly less money and then he quit and decided to be the banker.  Which interested him for about 15 minutes.  He doesn’t like board games either.  They should call them bored games.  Because they’re boring, get it?

Then we turned on the TV.  If I have to watch another episode of Jessie I’m going to go nuts.  I have that awful song in my head “It feels like a party everyday!  Hey Jessie!”  ALL DAY LONG.  So I sing it with the wrong words on purpose because it drives the kids crazy and that is what I’m all about when we’ve been cooped up for 6 days.

The television has even lost it’s luster at this point.

This morning William found a pack of sticky notes and put one on Henry’s back that said “Call me crazy.”  Then Ella tried to put one on William’s back that said “I eat my poop.”  It was in Henry’s handwriting, so I know they were in cahoots.  

Good times.

Good, good times, for real.

Day Six

6 thoughts on “Day Six

  1. Mom says:

    Well, I totally get it. One year all of you had the chicken pocks, one after the other, and you were all cranky, and whiny, and itchy, and just plain miserable to have around for months. Then Uncle Harvy and Aunt Joanne came down for a visit and Uncle Harvey said he would stay with the sick kids so the rest of us could get out for a while. He asked Brett where the diapers were because the baby needed a change, and Brett said he knew where I kept them, but he wasn’t telling, because, you know, he was less than lovely at the time with spots all over him. And that’s how that particular winter went. Fun.

    Some day you’ll laugh about this:), but it will be a while.

  2. Katie says:

    Audiobooks! My boys are all about video games and sports, but they will still get completely sucked into a good story on their iPods. They just listened through all of Rick Riordans books and some of those are 16+ hours of audio book. We get ours from our library, either CDs or the play away MP3 players if they have those at your local library. A good story is a great way to fill some time.

  3. Sounds like torture – hot and no activity. love the castcover concept. Just don’t tell William it looks like a giant blue prophylactic ahem.

    Julie (who is praying for your sanity)

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