Dear William,

Remember when I wrote this right here, about how boys should go out, and you know, be rough and break their arms and stuff?  I didn’t mean for you to actually go out and break your arm.

And also, seeing you this sad is breaking my heart.

I love you so much,


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9 responses to “Fractured

  1. Toni :0)

    Oh golly!! So sorry to hear this. Poor thing! Hope he’s on the mend real soon and I pray for a speedy recovery for him!

  2. Oh no! Well, Bodhi just out of his cast two weeks ago. It was all the way almost to his shoulder. Fell out of a tree in our backyard just a couple of weeks after we moved into our new house. The good news is, they really do heal quickly. Hang in there!

  3. Kelly

    Oh no! Well… John broke his arm at the beginning of the school year… He healed really quickly and is good as new. The same will happen for William. It is a bummer in the summer though. Did you get the water proof cast?

  4. Oh dear, poor guy. And poor you having to watch him suffer. I will pray for y’all–for healing and for strength. What a bummer for the rest of summer. :(

  5. Poor William! Prayers for quick healing and lots of ice cream because ice cream just makes everything a little better.

  6. lemead

    Oh no! I hope he heals quickly and well. Sending you both my best. xox

  7. veronica kosinski

    It’s a badge of courage. He’ll be right back in there once it heals, and it will heal quickly. And so will you:) Love you.

  8. Oh rats, and in the summer, too! But you know, in the long run a broken arm will do much less damage than a squashed spirit. He’s all boy :D


    PS If the cast isn’t waterproof, a plastic bag and some vet wrap (the cheaper version of Coban tape) will work wonders ;D

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