Nothing Else Matters

And so it is with life that we are, now and then, presented with a choice.  I can say that neither choice will have a completely comfortable outcome, for one reason or another.  But surely, there is a right choice here…surely there is a better choice.

Whatever choice I make, it will be because of them.

Because of her…

Kate Beach Portrait 2013 NST

Because of him…

William at the Barn NST

Because of him…

Henry Beach Portrait 2013 NST

And because of her…

Ella on the beach 2013 NST

Without them…without David…without my little furry beast…nothing matters.  

Nothing else matters.

Nothing Else Matters

4 thoughts on “Nothing Else Matters

  1. Toni :0) says:

    Hi friend! I hope and pray that His guidance will steer you in the right direction. I know choices are always hard to make but at the end of the day, we still have family and that is what is most important. Plus, it always works out in the end. Beautiful photos of those sweet kids of yours too, they sure have grown up!

    My choice worked out. I received a new contract offer with a ridiculous 40% raise so I’m returning to my old job (how could I resist, too good to be true!). Felt SO good to give my notice, last day is next Wednesday as they asked if I could extend by a week so I obliged as I start my new old job on the 23rd.

    Thanks again for being a great sounding board, really appreciated it. :0)

  2. Praying for God’s wisdom, while knowing you’ve got your priorities right :o)
    Those pics are so beautiful they take my breath away.


  3. Cliff always tells me, “as long as we’ve got each other, nothing else matters.” He’s said that since right after we got married – every time I’ve stressed about this thing or that, and quite honestly, he is right.

    Sending prayers your way as you make a decision. As Julie said, you’ve got your priorities right :).

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