This is why.

She is doing a worksheet.  It is a sheet of paper on which she is to trace and then write the months of the year.  That is all.  No talking necessary.  And yet, we have this…

March March.  That’s what it says.





APrilllllll.  April.  Come here April.  Come here.  APRIL COME HERE.  Hahaha. 



APRIL!  Come here or I’m sending you to your room! 

Ape. Ril.  May.

May.  (Jellycat falls off the table) Oop! (she makes a surprised gesture)

(She repeats surprised gesture.)

(Surprised gesture again.)

(And again.)

(A pencil falls.)  Sorry.

She laughs.  She says something inaudible.

APE.  I’m watching you. Vector.  (from Despicable me).

I’m watching you.  Always watching.  Remember that? (From Monsters, Inc.)




I’m almost done.

Me:  Keep up the good work!

I *will* keep up the good work.

At this point she spots the camera and sees that the red light is on and she asks why it is videotaping and I lie and say it’s only on standby.  She is savvy though, and she knows I’m lying.  She comes around to look for herself.

It’s videotaping!!!

The End.

There are a few points to make here.

  1. This type of dialogue goes on every single day.  Not with the months of the year, specifically, but it could be anything…it could be song lyrics, or a book, or a tv show or A.NY.THING.  Today she was saying her teacher’s name over and over:  Calvitti.  Cal. Vitti.  Caaaallllviiiiiiitttiiiii.
  2. I am not even exaggerating.  Not even a little.
  3. I think Ella may be watching too many movies.
  4. This is hilarious.
  5. Is this normal?
  6. This is why.  This is why I’m slowly losing my mind.
This is why.

7 thoughts on “This is why.

    1. Yes, it is wonderful! Kate, William and I were laughing about it tonight…how she does this all the time and it’s just nonsense stuff. I really want to videotape her more often, because honestly, some of this stuff is hysterical. :)


  1. Toni :O) says:

    Okay, now I most definitely understand your e-mail…haha LOL!!! Such a character you have there. Maybe you should pop on over to Kelly’s Korner and watch the video she recently posted of her Harper: because oh my goodness, I’m certain the two of you have a little bit in common and could certainly relate a bit to her life as well. Enjoy and here’s to being able to stay sane my friend… :O)

    1. I will definitely have to check her out a little! I can always use someone with whom to commiserate. :) Hope you’re having a lovely February. Mine stinks, but hey, such is life. March will surely be better, right?!



    1. Yes, me too!

      We lost the charger for our video camera…it is out of battery. Now what?! We had it on our cabinet upstairs, and when we replaced our cabinet, someone, ahem, that was not me, ahem, put is somewhere. So. Now we have to find it. In the meantime, we are missing all sorts of good stuff here. :(


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