Ella’s new favorite phrase:  “how should I know?” 

Me:  Ella, where are your sandals? 

Ella:  How should I know?

Me:  Really Ella? 

Ella:  What?  How should I know where they are?

Boy she is full of it, let me tell you. 

David says she gets it from me.  He says I say that all the time.  I don’t think so, but whatever.

Me:  Which one of you guys forgot to flush the potty? 

Ella:  How should I know?

Me:  Hey Ella?  Which one of you guys wants to get their mouth washed out with some soap?

Ella:  How should I know? 

I kid.  I made that last one up.

She is a firecracker. 

Also, she is really, really good at pretend play. 

I am not. 

Ella:  Hey mom, can you pretend that I’m a dog, and do labradors like water?

Me:  Yes.

Ella:  Then can you pretend that I’m a labrador and that I like water?

Me:  Yes.

Ella:  And also, I like cats and I save cats.

Ella:  And my name is Lavender.

Me:  Okay Lavender.

Ella:  Arf arf arf.  Hey Mom, when I say “arf arf arf,” that means I love you, okay?

Me:  Okay.

Ella:  Arf arf arf.

Me:  I love you too, Ella.

Ella:  No, Mom, my name is Lavender.

Me:  Oh my goodness, you can talk!  I have a talking dog!

Ella:  No, Mom.  This is a time out. 

Me:  There are time-outs?  You didn’t say “time out.”

Ella:  Time-in.  Arf arf arf. 

Me:  I love you too, Lavender.

Ella:  Time out.  And Mom?  Can you pretend that you’re going to buy me for $5 from the store?  Time in.

Then there is the sound of a dog panting, only it is Ella.  I mean Lavender.

And this goes on for a few minutes, until she licks me or something.

Just wondering…at what age does the pretend play kind of come to a close?


6 thoughts on “Pretending

  1. Oh Kristen, I’m laughing out loud! Gunnar, at about that age, lost a shoe. It was at the neighbor’s house, in a planter/pot. He couldn’t remember if he’d walked home with just one shoe on.

    Sometimes the pretend-play taxed my patience, but I kind of miss it now. Ella is such a sweetie. I mean Lavender the Labrador. ;D


  2. veronica kosinski says:

    Lavender…what a sweet name. Where did she ever get that? I think I’ll name my next puppy Lavender. I’m sure at some time I’ll have another puppy, and I’ll always be reminded of Ella, I mean Lavender #1.

  3. She is hilarious! The thought of pretend play stopping makes my heart sad… I’m glad my kiddos still do it, although Ash is usually to cool for it. 🙂

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