On to Middle…

It’s hard to believe elementary school is over.

Now on to middle school… 

I was not exactly a fan of middle school. 

I felt small. 

I felt forgotten.  Or maybe overlooked. 

And I learned that a lot of kids had a lot more experience (in a lot of areas) than I did.

Every day for a long period of time, the two boys that shared the locker next to mine stole my lunch.  (I am not sure what I ate on those days).  What a couple of hooligans.

One day, someone took every single book out of my locker.  I can still remember Mr. Ticknor coming to check it out for himself (as if I would make up such a thing).  He opened up the locker, gave a little whistle and said “Yep, clear as a bell.”  Funny how things like that stick in your head. 

But, I don’t think Kate will be overlooked.  (And if someone steals her lunch I will pummel them.)

I think she’s going to be just fine.  She’s going to join the running club, and she’s going to play viola, and she’s going to take advanced classes and all that.  She will continue with her riding lessons, and with cheerleading.  (And her room will probably continue to be a pig sty). 

Actually, I think she’ll be better than fine.  I think the feeling I’m feeling is not so much worry, as it is a little bit of sadness that something so precious has come to it’s end. 

I am so proud of who she is and excited to see who she becomes. 

But I am missing, with all my heart, the little girl she was.

On to Middle…

5 thoughts on “On to Middle…

  1. We throw our lives into helping them grow up, and then it breaks our hearts when they do… *sigh* She is a lovely young lady, Kristen, just lovely. She is going to soar 😀


  2. Toni :O) says:

    I feel your ache…although mine is that come September, this will be the last year my son will be in Catholic school…the only school he’s ever known since Kindergarten. He will have completed nine years come next May and I’m certain I will get teary eyed. I will never believe my son is old enough to attend high school and a public one to boot….I’ll be praying every day that he’s ready for something that is so grown up in my eyes….they definitely grow too fast. Yup, the days are long but the years are so short my friend…..Gorgeous photo of your sweet girl. You are so right about middle school too…really are a bunch of hooligans (I disliked those two years, that’s all it was back in my day thank goodness, sooo much…blech!).

  3. I see your departing for middle school and raise you a high school graduation — with the knowledge that my girl in charge, my boon companion, will begin college in Atlanta this fall. Atlanta.

    I need a tissue.

    And as a side note, Lindsey (see @lemead above) writes about this so heartbreakingly on her blog that I have a hard time reading it, since I have felt it since the tall boy got his first tooth twenty years ago, and that sweet gummy smile went away forever. This is another one of those parenting heart . . . well it’s not really a heartbreak, is it? But it sometimes feels that way — let’s say heart-tugs . . . that just doesn’t get any better.

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