June 2nd was a beautiful day. 

Beautiful day to receive God for the very first time. 

You can tell he’s terribly excited. (You can also tell that I need to dust that china cabinet.)

Actually, I told him to be serious.  It is hard for this boy to ever not be laughing.  Ever.  If you are me, you know you have 2.7 seconds to get some pictures before he says something ridiculous and cracks himself up. 

But whatever.  Doesn’t he look handsome?

I don’t have pictures of the actual Mass.  He behaved.  He did not drop it.  (I am secretly terrified of that.)   

But here is the boy outside after Mass…

See what I mean about the laughter?

Love this boy.


4 thoughts on “First

  1. Kristen, he looks SO GROWN UP! So handsome! Though I have to confess, I like the second pic even better ;D

    Congratulations on this milestone,


  2. Toni :O) says:

    I love First Communions….such a very special time in their lives and you never, ever forget it. Great photo…great sense of humor as well.

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