Ella, you just go on over there and pick some flowers and I’ll take your picture, okay?

Okay Ella, try not to stick your tongue out.  And you don’t need to look at me.  Just be natural.

Really Ella?  

You don’t need to be that natural. 

Just smile, okay? 

Or don’t even smile … just pick some flowers. 

Okay Ella, that is a scary-person smile.  

Just be normal.   

She continued to crack herself up. 

She would make a face and then crack up. 

And then I would crack up. 

She is awesome.


4 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Oh, what gorgeous pictures! I have a wee bit of girl envy over here – we are all superheroes and dinosaurs, but I love the fairy party! And I’m cracking up over the tattoos – it is sort of perfect with them, though – a great picture of her personality!

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