Kate started an after school running program.  The program ends in May with a 5k.  Kate needs a buddy runner, though.  Doesn’t it sound fun to be a buddy runner?  This is how they suck you in. 

Well, so I started running.  I haven’t run since, oh, before I was pregnant with Kate.  Back then it didn’t take long to work up to running 5 miles at a stretch relatively easily. 

That was then.

In all fairness to myself, I am old.  What was I thinking?  I think I thought maybe I’d have more energy if I started running.  I don’t think it’s working.

So anyway, the running (and I use that term lightly) led to the wondering how many calories I might be burning.  Which led to the wondering of how many calories I am consuming.  Which led to the counting of calories (I am on a “program”).  Which led to the buying of the scale and the near constant hunger and the daydreams of chocolate eggs and cookies.  Sometimes I just take the bag of chocolate eggs out of it’s hiding place and smell it.  Then I cry a little and put it back. 

The running also led to the discovery that The Man burns WAY more calories by exercise than I do.  I find this to be very infuriating.  He sat there sucking down a beer yesterday right next to me.  The nerve of him.  I made a face at him when he wasn’t looking. 

Also, I realize that I am pretty close to my goal weight, but I am not looking ANYTHING like I did before the children starting coming out of me.  I am completely unrecognizable.   

Back to the running.  The first run was unpleasant.

The second run was more unpleasant.

I skipped the third scheduled run because it was chilly and rainy and that seemed like a good excuse.

Pretty much the same thing happened the second week, and then I began to try to figure out how I could get out of this 5k thing.  And then I felt guilty.  

The third week I realized that every single route in this neighborhood is uphill and the wind, no matter where I go, is a headwind which makes me feel like I am going to die.

The fourth week has been better.  I can tell.  I actually ran a little extra just for kicks. 

So to recap:



run some more

feel like I may die




feel better.

You should try it.  Misery loves company.

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Laundry is my nemesis. And also dust.

3 responses to “Running.

  1. veronica kosinski

    No thanks. I’m going with portion control.

  2. Misery loves company… ain’t that the truth ;D


  3. Oh my stars.. Ash’s school is having a 5K, too, and we’re hoping to train together. I’m just not sure my Lupus joints can handle the running. Good for you… keep up the good work! :)

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