It Was a Beautiful Day

The spring beauties are coming up in the yard.  They are so lovely.  I can hardly believe how they take my breath away, every year.  Ella, Henry and Kate have picked handfuls of them, and there is a small glass vase filled with them on my windowsill.  I will never tire of that. 

We did some work in the yard yesterday. 

It was a beautiful day. 

So I decided it should be the day that I would dig up the chunk of builder-placed cement in our flower gardens.  That turned out to be a bit of a project.  Because it was huge.

So, mid-dig, The Man walked out.  His timing was impeccable.  When he asked if I needed help (I’m pretty sure he asked), I handed him the shovel and said here you go…you need to dig up this chunk of cement and I think it is rather large

So he began to dig.  After about 1 minute, doubts began to issue forth from his mouth.  He tried several times, with several different excuses, to persuade me that it was not necessary, but I was not deterred.  He knew resistance was futile.  Besides, I think deep down, he loves a good dig.  Either that or he’s afraid of me.

Then Henry and I went around back with his metal detector to detect some metal.  We found some copper flashing, some other little shard of metal and what appeared to be some sort of iron-ish wire-ish thing. 

Then I went back around front, and the cement chunk was about out, and it was quite large indeed. 

Then I went back around back, and dug up the redbud that was growing under our deck, and transplanted it.  I hope it will grow.

I moved a few things around in the garden…lilies, bee balm, lariope, another tree.  Trimmed a few bushes and perrenials. 

The Man and I daydreamed about what we would like to do in the yard, someday.  We have lofty dreams, let me tell you.  Dreams of stacked stone walls, peonies, forsythia, and more redbud trees.  We will have a natural stone walkway, one cut into the hillside with steps that curve around to the patio.  Someday. 

I made a mental note to research forsythia…varieties, growth habits, and preferred conditions.  And I wondered aloud if the deer would eat them.  The truth is, deer will eat almost anything if they are hungry enough. 

Then I went to check on my experiments.  I rooted hydrangea over the winter, and have planted the four new little plants in pots on the deck.  The deer would kill them if I planted them in the yard.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them once I’m certain that the roots have taken.  I would love them for the patio, but I have seen the deer up on the patio eating my petunias in the past.

Last week, Ella and I planted basil, carrot and radish seeds.  We’re starting to see the little seedlings now.  In a few weeks we will plant them in our garden somewhere.  This will be something we haven’t tried before…vegetables.  I suppose I’ll have to net the carrots and radishes.  I would love to have a real garden, but I’m afraid it would just be an exercise in futility…the deer and the rabbits would most likely devour everything we planted. 

When I came inside, there were things piled by the stairs that I needed to bring down to the storage room.  I put those things away, and brought up some of our spring decorations.  I don’t have a lot, but the few things I do have are so pretty to look at.

And then I was pretty much exhausted.  I got a drink, and went outside to watch the boys play kickball in the street with their friends.

I looked around at the new grass growing, and the flower beds that are coming back to life.  There were bumblebees buzzing around, and boys playing and robins hopping around the yard. 

The sun poured over me.

I have not felt that content in a long, long time.

It Was a Beautiful Day

2 thoughts on “It Was a Beautiful Day

  1. veronica kosinski says:

    We have four little pots of Creeping Jenny for you too. You’re never done with yard work! And as for Redbuds, they’re all over the place here. You’re welcome to dig here too!

  2. Oh my friend. This is lovely… a beautiful picture of contentment. I’m so glad you had this day, and I hope you have many more like this, too. 🙂

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