Sunday evening…

I’m sitting here, sipping a glass of wine and listening to the sound of potatoes boiling behind me.  The Man has taken William to his basketball practice.  It is a long practice…two hours.  But he is learning so much.  This team is a very competitive team, and the boys are very talented.  I’m not sure how much playing time William is going to get this season, but the skills he is developing are well worth sitting on the bench, if that’s what it comes to.  I just hope he knows that.  I hope he enjoys this season, even if he doesn’t play much.  I think he is just happy to have made the team. 

The rest of the kids are sitting in the family room.  I watch them from my kitchen stool, giggling hysterically at somethingorother.  They have been sick this weekend.  First Henry, then Ella, then Kate.  So we have had a slow day, just hanging around.  There are not enough of these slow days, in my opinion.

William told me yesterday that he loves the house in the evening.  He said it is cozy.  He said it makes him happy.  And I thought…it is home, honey.  This is how your home should feel.  It did feel like home.  It was dark out, and we had a football game on.  We were snacking on chips, and Poppy was snoring on the couch, and there was a fire burning.  And all of us were together, and no one was barfing.  (I had to add that last part because boy did things change around midnight.)

My hands were so dry from all of the washing and washing and washing.  I am terrified of catching whatever the dread thing is that they got (William had something two weeks ago, too).  I was rubbing in some lotion last night when William came in.  I put some lotion on his chin…it was all chapped.  With a wink, I told him he probably drools at night.  He said it’s because of the headgear.  He hates that headgear.  He asked me when his smile is going to be better.  What do you mean, honey?  He wants to know why he has “so much gums showing.”  Oh honey, that’s the way God made you.  And I love how beautiful and happy you look when you smile.  I wish that orthodontist hadn’t gone on and on about his smile being “gummy.”  Even after I gave him the stinkeye.  I am going to go ahead and assume that he was totally exhausted because his wife just had a baby and had some serious complications and that is why he didn’t realize how ridiculously insensitive his comments were. 

William grabbed the book I got for him at the library, and we climbed under the covers and read together.  I love to read with him.  I love it when he’s reading and he laughs at something in the book.  I don’t know why–maybe because he just seems so innocent in those moments.  And when he was tired of reading, he closed his book.  Can we just snuggle for 2 minutes before you tuck me in?  I wanted to say Oh William, I will never say no to you when you are so sweet like this. 

The other day, I got the most wonderful pictures of William.  We were at the farm, on a beautiful, warm autumn afternoon.  The light was beautiful.  And his eyes were soft, his mood gentle.  I snapped away, because he was cooperating for once.  He told me later that he did it for the chocolate.  (I offered him chocolate if he would let me take his picture.  Bribery is the only vehicle I have anymore). 

It is near suppertime now.  I have always loved how darkness falls early in November.  Poppy is jingling all around the kitchen, whining because she smells the chicken.  She is crazy.  And she is perfect.  And she only adds to the wonderful feeling around here. 

It has been cloudy today, so when I look out the window, I can’t see the stars, just a thick, gray flannel sky.  Somehow that only adds to the contented, warm feeling I have.  The street lights are glowing, and down the street I can see the warm glow of lamps in our neighbors’ windows.  Now the boys are home from basketball.  We are all together. 

Sometimes it is so easy to see that I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

Sunday evening…

6 thoughts on “Sunday evening…

  1. Lucky mama!

    And your definition of “cozy” is right out of the dictionary: “the family all together — with snacks, football, a snoring dog, and no one barfing.” It doesn’t get any better that that!

  2. That’s awful about his dentist. I bet he says it a lot and doesn’t even think about it 😦

    It’s hard to step back and enjoy the little things like lying with the kids before bed. Sometimes it’s hard because that’s our time to get things done!

  3. I hate the dentist. I went yesterday and I hate it EVERY time. Like Bec said, that’s my time with Hubs, but I still like to try and lay once in a while.

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