Really, Henry?

Really Henry? 

I mean…really? 

Just so we’re clear here, when I say “This picture is for Dad’s birthday”


“This is for our Christmas card and you all know how much everyone on the internets and the world in general looks forward to our Christmas card,”


If you’re real good we’ll get ice cream after but you have to smile and I need some good pictures of you and no clown faces.”

 you’re thinking

“make a clown face”? 

I should just make this my Christmas card picture.  That’ll teach him.  Only, it probably wouldn’t.  He would probably think it was super hilarious and awesome, and then I would have to send out one of these every year.

Really, Henry?

7 thoughts on “Really, Henry?

  1. tia bennett says:

    Use it, thats Henry! I have sent Christmas Card pictures out with one pouting, or one making a silly face before. People love them!
    That is our life, and finding a good picture with 4 kids is next to impossible!

    They are beautiful no matter what!

  2. Look at you already done with the Christmas card photo 🙂 There’s one in every family. I say use it. He is who he is and his personality totally shines here.

  3. That proves it. Nolan and Henry are brothers, separated at birth. I have the same photo on my blog (minus two children, since I only have two) – Nolan has to ham it up every single time!

    I have to admit, though, that picture would make an AWESOME Christmas card. Love these kids!

  4. Toni :0) says:

    Oh my goodness I love it!!! Yes you should definitely use it, certainly it would make people giggle! Beautiful family indeed even if you find yourself saying “those darn kids!” :0)

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