The Man

10:00am Henry’s game

11:00am Ella’s game

11:00am William’s game

11:30am Kate’s game

1:15pm William’s second game

That was our schedule for today.  Don’t even ask me how we were planning on getting to all of those games because I can’t remember.  It was so complicated between picking up and dropping off and all of them being at fields all over the doggone town that we had to write it down to keep it straight. 

I figured I’d get up early, go and get The Man some nice donuts from town since today is his birthday.  Weelllll…. I got sick.  I got so sick I could barely function yesterday but to go to the Costco and pick up the good steaks for his birthday supper.  And beer.  Have to have beer on Saturdays when the Hokies play and also to celebrate his birthday.  He gave me the hairy eyeball last weekend because I got “the girly beer with the lime in it,” which is clearly a mistake I won’t make again. 

So anyway, poor old man had to go get his own stinkin’ birthday donuts, and he didn’t even complain, not even once.   I got up and took Poppy out while he was out.   (P.S.  I love Poppy).  It was raining.  Again.  It has rained for like forty million days and nights straight or something close to that. 

Then we got ourselves all fed and dressed and ready for the five games and it still rained.  And it rained, and it rained.  And the games were cancelled.  And I looked up to the sky and I whispered a little thank you God, thank you. because I seriously did not feel up to sitting in the 50 degree rain with a head and chest cold, hacking up half my lungs and listening to Ella whine about getting wet.  (She is such a princess.  That said, I totally would have whined, too.)

And then I spent about the next two hours reading.  I can’t even remember the last time I sat in a chair and read for TWO WHOLE HOURS.  The kids played with legos and Poppy slept on a fluffy pillow.  It was just a nice, cozy morning.  And then I looketh up to the ceiling and said to The Man “That spot on the ceiling is getting worse.  It’s wet again.  We need to get up there and look at that.”  And The Man said “Right now?”  and I said “Okay.”  So up he went.  We had to pry off some moulding in Kate’s room to get to the crawl space up there and sure enough there was a leak in the roofing.  I could just scream with delight at the thought of how much money that is going to cost to fix. 

So then I realize that Poppy is running around somewhere and I don’t know where and I nearly have a panic attack looking for her because I don’t want her peeing or leaving some turds somewhere or chewing something up or whatever.  She is stealthy, let me tell you.  So I am looking and looking and I wander into Ella’s room and see that the window is wiiiiiiide open and The Man has crawled out of it onto the roof.  In the rain.  And he says “Yep, the roof is damaged.”  And Poppy was under Ella’s bed chewing something or other up. 

Then there is all sorts of banging and some duct taping (heaven help me) and closing the crawl space back up.  

Meanwhile, Henry is downstairs whining about the lego set not working right, and if that isn’t an invitation for me to come sit down and take over I don’t know what is.  So I did because if there is one thing other than chocolate that I cannot resist it is a good lego set.  I’m totally serious about that.  The Man realizes that I just haven’t even started on his birthday dessert.  Seeing as how I didn’t make him a dessert last year either, because I was sick then, too, and seeing as how I’m back in my jammies, he declares that he’s going to make brownies and go get some ice cream at the store.  And I just looked at him because I realize that this birthday isn’t quite as it should be for him.  He laughs about it…how he has to fetch his own breakfast, and crawl into the attic and out on the roof and then make his own stinkin birthday dessert, and I feel bad. 

I listened to him and the kids this morning while I was getting dressed.  They are so lucky to have him.  He tells jokes, and acts silly and teaches them.  (Today he showed them a documentary on how the dentist fills cavities.  He said he figured it would make them brush better if they knew the horror.  He actually didn’t say “the horror” part, I just made that up.  But you see what I mean about teaching the children).  He shows them the iPad and how to use it and everyone, even Ella, knows more than me.  He is patient.  He gives them way more soda than I ever would.  He adores them. 

There are times that I am a little bit overwhelmed…realizing how lucky I was, at 16 years old, to find him, a man that is manly enough to climb out onto the roof to investigate a leak, and come right back inside and bake some brownies.  And right now, I’m looking up to the sky again and whispering thank you God, thank you.

Happy Birthday Mr. The Man…  I swear next year is going to be better.

The Man

3 thoughts on “The Man

  1. Toni :0) says:

    Happy Birthday go your awesome-sounding husband! I’m sorry your sick (probably from sitting in the rain at all them soccer games!) but sooo happy it rained and you got some all-important me time! Here’s to a better bday for your sweet man next year. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and feel better!

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