I think I am losing control here…

1.  Ella has been calling me Mrs. Johnson all morning.

2.  Dear Henry, please do not lick the bus seat.

3.  Also, please do not tell anyone else to lick the bus seat.

4.  To all other children, if Henry tells you to lick the bus seat, don’t do it.  I realize he can be captivating and all, and you can get swept up in the moment of brotherhood and solidarity, but GROSS! 

5.  Dear Henry, please do not spit on anyone. 

6.  I don’t care who did it first.

7.  If I said I kindof laughed at the bus-licker story, would you think that was wrong? 

8.  I don’t know what is happening to me…  I am losing it.

I think I am losing control here…

9 thoughts on “I think I am losing control here…

  1. tia bennett says:

    I got a call that my youngest dear son, was charging boys a quarter to be on his football team at recess. It was quite entrepreneurial of him yes- but other parents didn’t really like it. Raising boys is a whole new ballgame for me!

    Come on- would you or I ever have thought to lick a seat or charge kids?

    1. You see, I just think that is a smart little boy you’ve got there.

      Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders because I honestly can’t relate to the bus-licking. Who DOES that?! Apparently, my son.

  2. jen@odbt says:

    I think they do these things to keep us on our toes. Well, actually I really don’t know why sometimes.

    And we wonder why the kids are getting sick. Stop licking the bus seats!

  3. Mom says:

    You never know, maybe someone had just sanitized those bus seats…:)

    What can you do. You begin to lose control the first time your
    child leaves the house without you, aka, school.

  4. 1. If you did, perhaps, laugh at the seat-licker story, come on over and sit next to me so we can laugh together.

    2. “Ella has been calling me Mrs. Johnson all morning.” Oh, have mercy — the laughing; I can’t breathe! I want to meet that girl some day.

    3. Have a a great weekend, Mrs. Johnson!

  5. Toni :0) says:

    OMG ROFL!!!! Help me!!!!! Guess were in this together….no one ever said this parenting thing was easy or sane for that matter! LOL! Goodnight Mrs. Johnson….maybe I should say Good Morning since it is 1:34 a.m. sigh…need to get my butt into bed already!

  6. […] they are sometimes rude.  Yes, they do stupid things.  (Like when Henry told the other kids to lick the bus seat.  My first thought was kind of “haha, that’s funny!” and then “Did they actually listen to […]

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