Spreading a little cheer…

This is Miss Ella Cheerleader.

She is all Rah-Rah when we get to the field. 

She is so cute I could almost fall over, I swear it.

After approximately 12 to 15 minutes, Miss Ella transforms into Miss Grumpy-itchy-pants. 

She whines.  She itches.  It is SO fun. 

And then the game just becomes a complete and utter BORE to the cheerleader.

I tell her that scowling and yawning is not terribly cheerleadery, but she remains steadfast in her grumpiness. 

She may not be the peppiest, but she is totally the cutest.

Spreading a little cheer…

9 thoughts on “Spreading a little cheer…

  1. Toni :O) says:

    Hilarious and she looks like such a doll in her cheerleading outfit! I can see where she’d get bored quick….especially with football…man, when you’re little, that game can seem like it takes FOREVER!

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