The dog. An update.




She is also very, very speedy.  It is hard to catch a puppy that is speeding down the street if you’re me.  I’ll bet I was doing the ugly run.  At one point I threw off my sweatshirt so I could run faster.  I don’t think it helped.     

That is all.

The dog. An update.

5 thoughts on “The dog. An update.

  1. Toni :O) says:

    Sooo funny!!! I wish I had a video camera…I’m sure it wouldn’t have been held still due to laughing so hard…sorry, that’s not very compassionate I know but I’m most impressed about taking off your sweatshirt to make yourself run faster! You go girl! BTW, she’s absolutely gorgeous!!! So happy for you all that it continues to go so well, you certainly deserve it! Oh, and I agree with Rebecca…Come is a great command except when a dog is running high speed out of the yard to bark at another dog, um, yeah, it happened to us on New Year’s Day AND I was in my pajamas and boots…nice…last time gate was left open with dog in yard!

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