Henry John

Still seven. 

Still a clown.

Developing a slight attitude.

Missing a couple of front teeth. 

Still makes his own fashion statements.

Still has the best freckles, ever in the history of the world.

Henry John.

Henry John

7 thoughts on “Henry John

  1. Oh. my. gosh.

    He is so grown up – and so handsome – and so grown up! (I don’t know what I expected….)

    And yes. best. freckles. ever.

    And wow – He and Ella? Are you sure they aren’t twins separated by a few years?

    And Henry with attitude? Never! (It will serve him well :).)

    Oh, and you? You made my day with this picture. Thanks!

  2. LOVE IT. Love the freckles. Seems like you got to pairs of kids – two adorable redheaded freckle faces, and two lovely/handsome blondies 😀

  3. Toni :0) says:

    Wow! I agree with Rebecca-he and Ella look SO much alike! He sure is handsome!! Oh and I love your Summer Ending post. You definitely hit the nail on the head how I feel, except I love cider mills in the Fall as well-yummo!

  4. He is cute as can be, and you capture your kids expressions so well. I really wished that you lived closer because you could give me lessons. You would be a lot more fun than the books I have.

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