All hope is not lost.

I’m not really certain what I expected when we brought Charlie home.  I guess I knew there would be an adjustment period.  I knew that he would need to learn his way around, to learn our faces, to understand that this is his home.  I would be lying if I said I hadn’t wondered after a few weeks whether we may have made a mistake.  A part of me wondered if a rescued dog could ever be rescued from his own limitations.  And I have wondered, too, if Charlie will always be like a ghost in this house — here, but not really.

But there are telltale signs that I am becoming rather attached to him.  The wagging tail…I’d forgotten how wonderful a wagging tail is.  And I happen to think he is the cutest thing ever when he is sleeping.  I love his feet, his whiskers, the white tip of his tail, the way he sniffs the ground, his howl.  I find myself anxious to see him when I’ve been away from him.  I love that he follows me around.  I love how excited he is to see me in the morning, and how he likes to be scratched in that spot right in front of his ears.  I love how he leans into me and nearly falls over for enjoying that little scratch so much. 

And Charlie?  I think maybe all hope is not lost on this little dog.  On our long walks through the neighborhood, when he runs — when his big ears flap up and down and his eyes are bright —  you can see in his face what joy must be like for a dog.  Yes Charlie, this is your life now.  This is how it’s supposed to be.

All hope is not lost.

4 thoughts on “All hope is not lost.

  1. Awh 🙂 I have to tell you that when you say Charlie, I think of “Charlie bit my finger” on YouTube. Jack has been walking around saying it for weeks.

    I’m so glad your new little family member is finding his way 🙂

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