Now I know.

Yep, so now I know what I did all day:


-Walked Charlie (no scary deer).

-Cleaned up last night’s dinner pots.  Gross, I know.

-Emptied the dishwasher and refilled it the whole day long.

-Laundry (4 loads washed, dried, folded).

-Washed Charlie’s blankies and crate pads.

-Made s’mores with the kids.

-Build an erector set model of the space shuttle with Henry.  Well, we built part of it anyway.

-Made lunch.

-Showered and stuff.

-Researched and went on our first letterboxing hunt.

-Made pink lemonade.  Drank pink lemonade.  Delightful.

-Did some light reading.

-Made supper.

-Walked Charlie (Scary, scary deer were out.  They nearly attacked us but then some other people came by and they ran off.  Phew.).

-Tucked four kids in bed.  Hugs, kisses and night-nights. 

-Wine.  Pickers.  Bed.

So, seriously, I felt like I was busy all day, but it doesn’t seem like I did very much at all.  And also, when I put Ella to bed last night, I realized that I hadn’t spent much time with her–just her–since summer began.  Partly that’s because I’ve been busy, and partly that’s  because she has been so busy with the big kids.  I miss her.  And I miss “us.” 

I guess no matter how much I get done, it is never enough.  And no matter how good it feels to have all of the laundry done, it’s quite an achey feeling to know that I miss my little girl.

Now I know.

2 thoughts on “Now I know.

  1. Oh you speak the language of my heart! I am missing the “us” of Audrey and me. And finding the whirlwind of days that seem so full yet seem like I’ve hardly accomplished anything aren’t full enough of time with the children. I ache with you, friend.

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