Your Fourth Year

I couldn’t put into words how I felt about you this year.

So I made this…

Your Fourth Year.

I think four is going to be just as wonderful as three was.

Happy birthday to my little baby girl.  I hope all your dreams come true…

Your Fourth Year

9 thoughts on “Your Fourth Year

  1. jen@odbt says:

    The pic of her winking….adorable. Actually all of this is beautiful. You captured her 3rd year so well. There will be lots more to capture this year too. Happy Birthday Ella!!!

  2. I never realized our little girls shared a birthday. What a special day today is. I hope today brings her and Amara as many blessings as they both deserve!

  3. Wow. She is so beautiful, and what a lovely tribute to your girl! Happy Birthday, little Ella (and happy memories to her mama)!

  4. Toni :O) says:

    Oh Kristen…I have to say that is one of the BEST videos I have ever seen created. You did such a beautiful job, of course you have beautiful material to work with too and the song was so perfect. That is just so sweet! Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet baby girl….she is absolutely precious. I LOVED the winking photo…that was a great capture! Oh, and I have to say, my son loves movies too…maybe a little too much too but you know what? That’s okay…it’s good to like things a little too much cause he still made the honor roll today and made me one proud Momma Bear!

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