Finding Charlie

We brought him home Saturday afternoon. He was lost, or abandoned or misunderstood, or maybe all of the above, I don’t know. But he is home now, only he doesn’t seem to understand that yet. His name is Charlie.

From the moment we brought him home on Saturday, he spent most of his time sleeping in his crate. By Sunday morning, Charlie went outside and did a little poopoo, and then we came back inside where he did a little poopoo. Unfortunately, his system is a little messed up from all of the stress.

Charlie has spent most of his first three days with us either in his crate, or running from the front door, to the back door, to the front door, to the back door, to the window, and back into his crate where he will stay for hours, even with the door open. His confidence in the decency of humanity is weak. I wonder what happened to him in his four little years before we found him.

The garage door terrifies him. Children on skateboards and tricycles and strollers startle him. He shrinks when approached. It makes me sad to think that anyone may have hurt him. When I watch him sleep, that is what I think the most…how sad that little dog is…how sad I feel for him…(and also he is super cute).

But he is relaxing a little bitty bit, every day. He actually ate his breakfast this morning, for the first time since we brought him home. It has been three days. He is particular about where he eats, and will only eat when he is outside.

This morning he wagged his tail at me, just a low, small wag, but more than we have seen yet.

And he seemed to enjoy his walk. (I had forgotten how much I loved walking in the early morning.)

He even found a place to lie down in the family room, instead of hiding in his crate.

The kids adore him. He doesn’t understand that yet, but he has been so gentle and has allowed them to pat him and crowd around him and talk to him.

Charlie is going to need time and patience (and maybe a lot of it) to come out of his shell.

Do you think dogs have hope? Do you think they ever get to a point that they just give up and stop trying…that they just shut down and never come back?

Someday I hope he will realize that he is no longer lost…that we are his people.  That he has a home.  Forever.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
…And never stops at all
-Emily Dickinson

Finding Charlie

14 thoughts on “Finding Charlie

  1. Oh, there are such happy tears in my eyes! Happy that you finally have four legs and fur in your home and life again; happy that Charlie has hit the doggy-lottery; and happy with hope that Charlie will know that he is home and has his people.

    Our Mei Mei is a rescued pup too (only 6 weeks when she was left in the woods to die), and while she hates hates hates to be left alone, she has learned that this is where her she is home. It may take Charlie time, but oh he will learn.

    Oh, this just made my day the happiest! 🙂

  2. Great post! I love the photograph of him. So sweet. I think pups never really give up hope, they just change the direction in which they point their noses to find it. Charlie found it in you. Such a blessing. I hope to hear more about how he is doing and his adventures as he becomes more at home with his newfound hope and home. : )

  3. Lucky, lucky Charlie! Lucky, lucky family!

    We took our two rescues in four months ago, and Jesse (our sweet worrier) still startles easily, and backs away from sudden noises, or situations and people that cause him anxiety. I do wonder who hurt him and made him so wary and anxious. But he plays now! He really plays — and rests his head on an urchin’s leg, and seems to know he is home.

    That’s what’s ahead for Charlie too — I just know it. Fabulous!

  4. Toni :O) says:

    Awwww….he’s SOOOO adorable! Congratulations, I couldn’t be happier for you guys. He’ll come around but it will take some time for sure. Our little doggie that we rescued is very frightened of beeping noises and thunder. I think someone may have teased her or something with the beeping thing cause it was so bad I had to get a new timer for my kitchen and I no longer use my dryer buzzer as it caused her to tremble so badly. Enjoy this special time with your new pup….he’s a lucky little guy and I know he’ll be a true blessing to your whole family! Love his name too, just too cute! :O)

  5. Charlie is a fortunate Pooch-i-doo!
    Our Mama Mia was abused and it has taken years for her to learn to trust us. She so wants to be loved. She still has issues, but she has come a very long way.
    Hope your Charlie comes around too.

  6. Welcome home Charlie. How lucky you are to have this family to love you. I’m sure you deserve it all. Another post that makes me cry. Hoping all is well with Charlie.

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