Little Miss Magic

 Little miss magic…

…what you gonna be…

Little miss magic, what you gonna be…

Little miss magic, just can’t wait to see…

*lyrics by Jimmy Buffett

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Laundry is my nemesis. And also dust.

6 responses to “Little Miss Magic

  1. I know this is the last thing a mama wants to hear, but your baby girl is getting so big! Look at that gorgeous long hair! And that beautiful little girl face, no traces left of toddler.
    Beautiful pictures (as always).

  2. You always take my breath away.

    Love that song, too. :D


  3. Oh, just so beautiful. It makes me wish that Spring Beauties grew here. And that I had a little girl. Little boys are fun (oh, so fun), but there are times I look at fluffy skirts and glittery things and want a little girl in my life.

  4. Toni :O)

    You take such amazing photos! I love both this post and the one below it…just gorgeous and great job my friend! It’s amazing how fast they grow!

  5. Can I come to your house and take pictures? Please?

    And can I borrow Ella? Because my boys won’t look nearly that angelic.

    And I’ll probably nee a place to stay, too.

  6. I changed my mind. I’m back. Come back and be snarky with me??

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