Last week, the glorious sunshine returned.  (And then the rain came again, but stick with me here…)  And with the sun… 

The Spring Beauties. 

They are cast about our little patch of heaven, like the kisses of angels.   

Little fingers gather them.

Little vases hold them.

And in my heart, little sighs arise and the very breath is stolen from my lips.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. I am 100% positive you already know this (and know it well), but. BUT. Hold on tight to these days. I can see in her what I saw in my own little beauties right before they became The Teenagers. They hang by a thread and then you blink and bam. Girlhood is gone just like that. Sigh.

  2. […] spring green hue is cast over the woods, dotted with white dogwood and magenta redbud flowers, and spring beauties emerge from the russet-brown earth.  March.  March is when the spring beauties come.  But today […]

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