This winter has been long.  So long.  I can’t actually remember a winter that I’ve longed to have over with like this one.  And yet spring seems to be pulling the covers up over her head and refusing to wake up, officially and for good.  And I’m getting tired of the wool boyfriend cardigan, and the huge red parka.  The seersucker is calling me…

I’m trying.  Mightily, I might add.  I’m planting the plants and I’m planning the Easter feast and I’m decorating (a little).  And doing some spring cleaning.  I refinished the wrought iron chairs and tables on the deck and patio.  And I washed all the dust ruffles and pillow shams and stuff.  And the mulch is down, and the flowers are popping up and the grass is green and lush. 

But darned if it isn’t C.O.L.D. outside.

So I brought a little happy inside.  I bought the most lovely daffodils in pots.  Then I repotted them in some nice old clay pots, and added some moss.  

I love how they look.     

For our Easter table I found these little pretties…

(Is that dust on my table?  OMG.)  I am a big fan of bunnies.  I added a soft green ribbon and a pretty tag…

Half of the place settings will have the bunnies, half will have these:


Those are fancy truffle eggs.  I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a couple of those. 

I bought candles, and I will probably buy some tulips, too, because they are incredibly beautiful when they droop gracefully over the side of the vase. 

I ordered the ham, planned the menu, and bought napkins.  Remember the great napkin caper of Thanksgiving 2010?  I wasn’t about to let that happen again my friends.  I got the cutest napkins ever.  EVER.  With a bunny, and flowers and a little honeybee, too.  I love these napkins. (Are there other people that get excited over napkins?)

I can’t wait to spend this beautiful holiday with our family…all 19 of us.  (That’s a whole lotta lemon herb potatoes I’ll be making…)


8 thoughts on “Easter

  1. So cute! We’re expecting snow on Sunday, and I am trying to remain pleasant about it. Matthew made a really cute “gumdrop” tree at preschool, so I think that will be our main centerpiece. I might go and cut some Forsythia branches today, though, and bring them inside for some color. They haven’t bloomed yet, but they’ll bloom really fast once we bring them inside.

    Here’s to Spring coming (and staying)!

  2. Oh ! These images just FEEL like spring to me. I need to make Easter dinner for six people and am looking for menu suggestions – your potatoes sound delish!

  3. I’m with you… spring, where are you??? (Snow this morning at my house. SNOW!)

    Laughing at myself… I saw the picture of the bunnies and you said something about dust on the table, and I had a brain fart and thought it said something like, ‘I love dust bunnies.”

    Which would solve a lot of problems at my house, really.

    I’m craving daffodils and tulips!


  4. I totally want to sit at your table for Easter! 🙂 Lovely decorations!

    Looking like some 70’s for a few days next week. Is it safe to hope it means Spring is here?

  5. Toni :O) says:

    You have to take a picture of your Easter table and post it with all of your cute things, gorgeous flowers and of course THE NAPKINS!!!

    I hear ya about the weather…I froze AGAIN walking my doggie for almost an hour this morning…yuck! Now rain is in the forecast and for Saturday and then the first three days of next week and I think are highest temp for the next week will be low 50’s…oh joy! Florida cannot come fast enough for me…I’m REALLY tired of blechy weather, I need warmth I tell you, WARMTH! I’m cold to the bone typing this to you…at least I still have my cozy heated mattress pad waiting for me tonight…woot woot!

    I know I’ve already said this…but Happy Easter sweet friend…hope it all turns out beautifully for all of you! :O)

  6. Dust? No way. Didn’t see a thing.

    I admire you and your beautiful Easter table. Around these parts, we’ll be hanging out around the house, snacking on Easter candy, and eating a homecooked meal (most likely) off of paper plates. And I am *so* ok with that this year 🙂

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