Woe unto me.

I am sick yet again.  You should pity me.  I blame it on the crazy Virginia weather, and also on the school children that populate my house with every virus known to man.

But, as bad as I have it, Ella, poor Ella, always seems to have it worse.  Or so she says.  Here is a conversation between me and Ella that will probably not ever fail to make me smile:

Me:  Oh Ella, my head hurts.

Ella:  Oh, my legs hurt.  And my hair hurts. 

Me:  Your hair doesn’t have nerve endings…it can’t hurt, honey.

Ella:  It DOES.  Oh, my hair is KILLING me. 

Me:  Ella, you make me happy.

Ella:  I know. 

She is something else.

Woe unto me.

7 thoughts on “Woe unto me.

  1. She is a good egg — very sympathetic to mom’s needs. If I said that, my kids would respond “so?”. Nice.

    As for her hair, I agree – there are some days too when my hair is killing me.

  2. She’s so cute.

    Yesterday, I was crying about being in bed and Luke comes walking up to me, grabs my face in his little dirty hands and says (all concerned like) “Momma, I pooped”

    Busted out laughing. Kids rule.

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