Today was such a better day. 

For one, Ella’s hair is doing much, much better today.  Apparently, it’s “because of the pig tails.”  I guess in Ellaworld, pigtails equal hair happiness.

I went a little nuts at the greenhouse yesterday.  I bought 32 plants.  I have a problem controlling myself in these places, and I basically need to stay far far away.  So, we spent a couple hours outside today.  

I planted flowers, Ella blew bubbles. 

I dug holes, Ella looked for worms. 

I picked out the rocks, Ella made rainbows with the mister on the garden hose. 

I delicately tucked my plants into their new homes, Ella stepped on flowers while I did not freak out. 

We watered and trimmed and pinched and we watched butterflies.  There was even a bumblebee.  And the songbirds sang the most beautiful songs today.  It was so very perfect and lovely. 

I still have more plants to plant, but tomorrow it will rain.  I guess that will give me some time to plan my Easter.  And also snuggle with my sweet-sugar-muffiny-muffin, Ella.


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Toni :O) says:

    Awwww…thanks for the visual…I hope Spring hits Michigan soon…I hear tomorrow it should be in the mid 70’s but with thunderstorms, we’ll see. I’ve been taking more time to hear the birdies, admire the trees budding and watching the grass get greener as I take my doggie on her walks. Life is good…even if I am unemployed, it’s forced me to slow down, finish projects that have been piling up, enjoy my quieter, less stressed household and appreciate naps that much more. For once I won’t be rushing around getting ready to pack for our vacation that is less than two weeks away since I’ve been on vacation for the last two months. Life is good, really, really good and I feel so blessed for this time He has handed me as everything truly does happen for a reason. Oh, and I’m glad Ella’s hair is feeling better, pigtails are awesome…that truly made me smile. Have a fabulous weekend gal! :O)

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