It was so nice when she couldn’t talk…

It is becoming increasingly difficult to go out in public.  Ella has no social filter.  (When does that kick in exactly?)

-(In regards to a man with dreadlocks held back in an elastic) Hey Mom!  That guy has a PONYTAIL!!!  Hahahaha!!!  (He did not appear to be amused.)

Why does that man have some earrings?  He is not a husband.  Husbands don’t have earrings.  (Same guy.  Still not amused).

Hey Mom, look at that lady…she’s BIG! 

Is that a boy or a girl? (said while pointing to a woman.  Androgyny confuses her.  And me.)

Someone wrote all over that guy’s arm!  (regarding a tattoo).

Why is he brown?  Because he was born that way–people have lots of different skin colors.  Your Uncle Steven has brown skin.  And your cousin Owen.  Oh, Yeah!  They were just born that way!  And I have red hair.  Right. 

I have to go poopie (said in church, too loudly)

I have to go tinkle (said in church, too loudly)

I think I’m going to throw up (said in church, too loudly)

I don’t really like your voice, Mommy (regarding my singing.  I don’t know what there is to dislike).

-(Because something smelled really bad, and I think it was her rear-end…) It’s you mommy.  I think it’s your breath.

I have cute little buns!  And your buns are really big Mommy. (Yes.  Yes they are, thank you for noticing.)

But then of course, there is this one…

I love you Mommy.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look at her and completely ache with gratitude for her.

She wasn’t a plan. 

She was a gift.

It was so nice when she couldn’t talk…

8 thoughts on “It was so nice when she couldn’t talk…

  1. I love kids – they just say what they’re thinking! Of course, I’m not so fond of, “Mommy, you have a squishy belly!” and “Is THAT man going to have a baby? His belly is BIG!”

    Oh, well. At least it will give us a few chuckles in the future!

  2. Hysterical! My Ash couldn’t say kitty for the longest time. He put a “t” in place of the k. Oh yes, he did. And every time we were in public and he saw a cat, he’d point and yell it out as loud as he could in sheer excitement! 🙂

    She is precious.

  3. jen@odbt says:

    Yup. Kids have a knack for that stuff. Even better when they’re all together and they’re trying to crack each other up with using all the potty words (poop, fart, toot) at the same time AND with sound effects.

    She is too cute!

  4. No filter? Some people call that honesty.

    Gunnar once commented in astonishment on a guy all punked out, “Mom! That GUY looks like a PORCUPINE!”

    Fortunately, ‘that guy’ had a sense of humor.

    Ella is perfect.

  5. Those moments are the best, and the worst!! She’s so stinkin’ adorable, though… I bet she makes everything sound cute.

    Michael once asked our neighbor if he could “color his arms” because he had black tattoos that apparently looked like a coloring book 🙂

  6. Toni :O) says:

    Oh geez, those are hilarious and I think even my kids have said a few of those…definitely regarding going pottie AND while in church…sigh! I’m glad she can make you smile…amazing what a gift they are! Have a great weekend!

  7. Awh, the mouths of babes. We’ve had many of those same conversations in public places over the years. And that whole, “why is that man brown” thing came word for word out of Torri’s mouth when she was two or three. Quite mortifying really, considering we were standing right behind the person in the grocery line. Or then there was this one time when Jayce was a baby and he literally slapped at a man with an arm deformity, because his hand kind of dangled right at the height of the grocery store cart where Jayce was seated. Lovely.

    This brought me a smile this am. Good thing she’s cute, right?

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