Ella and the Eggs

More Ella. 

Because she’s home all day.

And cute.


“Mommy, are these eggs real?”

“No Ella, they’re just for looking at.”



“Mommy, are these real eggs?”

“No, they’re just a decoration.”

“Oh.  Why?”

“You know, for Easter.”



“Hey Mom, are these eggs real?”

“Ella, those eggs are just for looking at.”


“They’re just a decoration.”



“Mommy, um, are these eggs real?” 

“YES.  Yes they are REAL.”


“Yes they are, they’re real, so don’t break them.”

She took one of those little eggs in her precious, soft hands.  She looked at it carefully, and then she threw it on the floor as hard as she could. 

“See?  They’re not real Mom.”

“Hey Ella?”

“What Mommy?”

“I love you baby girl.”

“I love you too Mommy.”

Ella and the Eggs

6 thoughts on “Ella and the Eggs

  1. At least she only threw a fake egg. LOL Dd2 had a blast cracking eggs the Easter she was two and then climbed into the fridge afterward to crack all of the ones we kept in there. What a mess!

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