Don’t let the door hit you…

It is not a sentimental goodbye to winter this year.  I feel as though I have been under a soggy wet blanket for the last two months.  And I have probably been acting a bit like a soggy wet blanket, for that matter. 

I am moved by photography.  There was no photography this winter.  I just can’t do winter.  Everyone is freezing.  The noses are running.  The kids are covered in forty-two layers of clothing.  I can’t see their hair.  I can’t see their toes.  I can’t see the boys’ beautiful backs, with the swirls of hair between their shoulder blades.  I can’t see the sun shining on Kate’s eyelashes and even the freckles have faded a bit.  I can’t see Ella’s round little belly.  There are no dirty fingernails.  No sweat beads.  No sunburned cheeks.  To put it succinctly, I am uninspired by big puffy coats and fleece hats.

And to be frank, I don’t do indoor photography well.  Therefore, no photos, no inspiration, no blog. 

I did get one or two photos that make me want to go wake Ella up and squeeze her and pinch her buns and cheeks and kiss her all over.  (She wouldn’t get it, though.)

This is one…

Do you see? 

Do you see why I like to pinch and squeeze her? 

Oh how I love that little baby girl.

Don’t let the door hit you…

9 thoughts on “Don’t let the door hit you…

  1. Toni :O) says:

    Girl, I hear ya! I’ve been in a funk myself lately and now I have a head cold and my back is aching…fun stuff! I’m counting down until spring break in Florida…only about another month or so and I get to get out of dreary Michigan and my continous job searching. I can’t believe all the resumes I’ve sent out and hardly get a bite! Four of my friends are now unemployed too and including me, three immediate family members looking for work…more fun times! Here’s hoping you have a brighter and sunnier day than what we’re having up here! Glad to see you post again, been missing you but I so get it! Great shot of sweet Ella by the way! Only a few more weeks of tax season left too, I’m sure you’ll be happy when it’s over. Take care chicka!

  2. I was happy to see you show up in my rss reader today. I was wondering about you. Hope to see you a lot more now that spring is on its way.

  3. I am totally over winter. It is simply ridiculous. We got another 4″ last night, and it is supposed to be 10 degrees on Thursday night. Ten. Degrees.

    Bring on the daffodils and sunny days!

  4. Hey, I was wondering where you were!
    Glad you found some inspiration!
    I have never heard more complaints about winter than I have this year. Winter, BE GONE!

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