One forecast this weekend predicted we could get up to a foot of snow.  Of course the Virginians freak out if there is a flurry in the forecast, and the majority of them could be seen at the Target on Sunday buying every last egg and container of cream in sight.  I should know,  because I was among them (only because we had literally run out of food because grocery shopping is my nemesis), and all the eggs and cream were gone.  Yes, every last egg.  I don’t get it.  I didn’t get any cream either, which means my coffee experience in the matin is going to be awful.  Ack.

Anyway, the forecast this morning was from 2-4 inches.  Then this afternoon they said they projected 1-2 inches, with a possibility of 3 inches, and chance of 4.  What kind of forecast is that? 

We here in the ‘burg had our fingers crossed for some snow.  However, as noon turned to one o’clock, one to two, etc., it became clear that there wouldn’t be a lot of snow.  Even at five o’clock, not a flurry was to be found.  And then, we all piled into the car at 5:30 to go to Kate’s riding lesson and Henry’s basketball practice.  We rolled out of the driveway, at which point I realized that the ground was coated with frozen mist.

But of course, we had to drive all around town to our various activities.  I dropped the three off with The Man at our meet-up spot.  He took them to Henry’s practice, so that I could take Kate to riding. 

Have you ever watched horses trost around in the falling snow?  It is magical.  I loved it.  It was quiet, but for the sound of their hoofbeats.  I love that, too.

Then we had to drive home.  The driving.  It was unsafe.  Apparently the tires are bald, and apparently that doesn’t work well in snowicefreezingrain.   So I spent 40 minutes driving 25 miles an hour with my shoulders up in ohmygoodnesswe’regoingtocrash mode.  And they are still a little tense.

My shoulders and I are curled up now with a glass of red and a blanket, hoping for snow.  Hoping to awaken to coffee brewing, and a sunrise glistening through snow-covered trees.  Hoping the children can sleep late, and I can make warm muffins for breakfast. 

Hoping for a quiet day inside tomorrow, with nothing to do.  Hoping Ella and I can take a walk in the snow, and then return to mugs of hot cocoa.  

Ella:  With marshmallows? 

Me:  Of course! 

Ella:  Yay!

Hoping to remember how perfect this life is.


5 thoughts on “Hoping

  1. It’s snowing here and our boys are thrilled. There is certainly something magical about those fluffy white flakes. Here’s hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

  2. I love to watch the snow fall… and it’s falling now! The boys are ecstatic. I told them, if there’s enough snow to sled on in the morning, we’re canceling school. (Yay, homeschool!)

    Have fun with your kiddos in the winter wonderland!


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