I was working in the den, not affectionately referred to as “the hole,” or “solitary.” Which actually, now that I’m thinking about it, solitary confinement might be nice now and then, if I wasn’t stuck filling out unified registration statements and trying to find registered agents in each state, etc.  Anyway, so I was working in the den the other day when I overheard this:

William:  “Dad, is he…  is she… is that a boy or a girl?”

Dad:  “That’s a girl.  That’s Peppermint Patty.”

William…puzzled look…thinking…

William:  “Why does that girl call her ‘sir’?”

Dad:  “I don’t know.”

I never could figure that out, myself.  What is up with Peppermint Patty?  Why does she have to be so manly and call Charlie Brown ‘Chuck’ all the time?  Why does she wear slides all year long?  Her outfit totally reminds me of a soccer uniform.  Not that that is a bad thing.  It just reminds me of what the boys in high school used to look like after their games were over and they’d put on their comfy slides.

As a child I was confused by a lot of things in that movie.  There is the Peppermint Patty issue, and frankly, why is she called Peppermint Patty anyway?  That is a candy.  I didn’t get it.  Actually, I still don’t get it.  Why did Marcy call her sir?  And why couldn’t you see Marcy’s eyes? 

Why didn’t Charlie Brown learn that he was never–not ever–going to get to kick that football?  He was such a blockhead. 

Why couldn’t Woodstock fly properly (that drove me crazy)? 

How come that pile of bones never got lower, even though Snoopy munched continuously on them? 

Why was everyone mean to Charlie Brown? 

Why did Linus carry that blanket around and suck his thumb–how old was he??? 

Why couldn’t I understand what the adults were saying (wahwahwahwah…)?

And yet, I loved those Charlie Brown videos.  I loved the part at the end of the Christmas movie when Linus tells what Christmas is all about.  I used to cry over that.  Seriously.  (I’m only slightly emotional.)   

Charles Schultz was a genius.  They just don’t make stuff like that anymore.


4 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. I think I’ve asked every single one of those questions! 🙂 Perhaps the mystery is part of what keeps us coming back… I love Charlie Brown (and I cry, too).

  2. And why is Pigpen so dirty?

    And why are their heads so big?

    And just how big IS Snoopy’s doghouse? (On the inside.)

    i love it too… especially the Christmas special.


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