Tree Hunt

We were in pursuit once again of the perfect Christmas tree.  We have been going to Snickers Gap for our trees for as long as I can remember.  Even in high school I would go with The Man and his family to get their Christmas tree.  Then there was this one year that I convinced The Man that we should try this new place, because “honey, they have fraziers.”  We went to a very scary, very muddy place that had no apple cider and not one ounce of cheery and we will never go to scarytown again. 

This year, it was cold, but not too cold.  Just cold enough for rosy cheeks and warm apple cider to warm our hands and bellies.


…the most wonderful time of the year.

Tree Hunt

7 thoughts on “Tree Hunt

  1. I cannot adequately put into words how much I love this post. I love that Ella is standing there holding jellycat (I’m assuming it is anyway) and the joy and beauty of it all. I love this time of year!

  2. How do you pull off such amazing photos? I feel like every time we go to chop down our tree, I end up taking 3 frantic pictures (at most) before tending to frozen gloves or runny noses or one (or both) of the kids nearly getting clocked in the face by a falling tree.
    But really, those photos are lovely. Frame-able moments!

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