I’ve spent the last week trying to get over a sinus cold quickly.  I must say that the older I get, the more I notice the effects of cold medicine.  As in, the Nyquil is de.light.ful, and the Sudafed is giving me a serious little kick.  Wierd.  I am highly productive when I take Sudafed.  And yet despite the assortment of remedies, I am still not recovered.  My head is a stuffy mess.  I have three more days to kick this thing before the festivities begin.

And so, since I wanted to take it easy last week, I decided to get that kitchen painted for the last time, I swear it.  (Nothing like starting a project the week before Thanksgiving, eh?)  And by “I decided to paint,” I of course mean The Man did the painting.  And friends, a fabulous job he did.  This is the fourth color we painted in 6 years(fifth if you count the original), and I could have fainted because I seriously love it.  L.O.V.E. it.  I told The Man that we will NEVER paint the kitchen again.  The color?  Martini Olive.  Same as the family room and it is totally awesome. 

In the middle of the painting project, a toilet fiasco emerged.  As in, one of our toilets had been running non-stop for I-don’t-know-how-long.  When I finally noticed it, we just began to shut the valve off after flushing (because the rubber bung or whatever was not sealing, so the water just dribble dribble dribbled all the live-long day).  That was a pain.  So The Man had to dismantle the entire toilet to fix it.

Then, while the first toilet was all in pieces on my bathroom floor, the chain thingy on the flusher handle thing broke in a second toilet.  There was a near panic on my end, considering we were about to have a house full-o-guests with a half-painted kitchen and only one toilet, which happens to be upstairs and out of the way.  So The Man had to fix the second toilet too, which he did.  He could totally be a plumber. 

Meanwhile, I decided that I should make a whole bunch of little chair swags for the Thanksgiving feast I will be hosting.  They turned out super cute (sorry Julie, but they really are super cute.)  And then I made these cute little tags that I will tie around the silverware.  Speaking of silver, I need to get out the Tarn-x.  The last time I did that it was like 1987.  (I got a headache.  I am not looking forward to tarnish removal.)  I also bought almost all of the groceries.  There are a couple of perishables that I will get in the next day or two.  

And I even bought a few new serving bowls because I realized as I was planning that I have nowhere to put all this food once it is cooked.  How is it that I do not have enough serving bowls?  In the fourteen years that I have been married, what have I been using?  I honestly do not know the answer to that question.  I also realized that I would need more cloth napkins, and finally settled on a set from Pottery Barn.  I went to order them and they were sold out of course.  I nearly fell over.  But not really.  And then I got clever and decided to check on ebay.  And you’ll never guess but I found them on ebay and they were only going for $79.99.  Don’t let the free shipping fool you.  That’s $13.33/napkin.  I sat there, staring at those linen-cotton blend napkins with the elegant pheasant on them and the grapes or whatever it is, visualizing how lovely they would look on my table, and that’s when I snapped out of it and realized I was going insane to even consider paying that much for a set of napkins.  But oh, how I wanted those pheasanty napkins.     

I turned off my computer and, armed with my box of tissues and some lollipops for Ella, I went napkin shopping.  The napkins I ended up getting are nice, unless of course you compare them to the pheasanty napkins, at which point they pale. 

Then this weekend we tended to the spent potted plants, and the leaves in the yard, and cleaned the bathrooms.  And did I tell you that basketball started?  Did I mention that less than 24 hours after the football season expired, I received a note from the basketball coach?  Did I mention that we had precisely a two day break between the end of the football season and the start of the basketball season?  Righteo.  So Saturday, little Bill had two scrimmages.  William looked like a little star out there. 

Oh, and there was that little thing we did on Saturday afternoon, the watching of the Hokie football team clinching a spot in the ACC Championship game.  Why yes, they did.

So now I think I have everything I need, and the only thing left to do is clean.  And that is going to be more complicated now that the children are home all week.  Oh how I love the children.  I really really do.  But they are messy. 

Even still, I’m looking forward to this slow, quiet week of family and food and giving thanks, and the beginning of Christmas.


7 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. Oh hurray! It sounds wonderful! And super cute ;D

    Am totally laughing at the pheasanty napkin dilemma, having gotten myself in similar straits over this or that.

    Happy happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


  2. You make me feel lazy. I have three paint sample stripes on my dining and living room walls. They’ve been then there since, oh, spring? Summer? Who can be sure? I can do a mad cleaning job. But home projects are so not my thing. Ugh.

    Your thanksgiving table sounds LOVELY. Please remember to take pictures!

  3. I’m telling you, “super cute” is totally grammatically correct! Totally! 🙂

    Have a very happy Thanksgiving. Even without the pheasant napkins, I’m sure it will be a wonderful (and beautiful) time!

    I love the start of the Christmas season- I need to get out our advent calendars soon!

  4. You amaze me! 🙂 I’ve been prepping for hosting the feast, too, as Bri’s family arrives tonight. So fun to plan a kids’ table and the adults’ table and all the food and I finally get to use the crystalware that Bri’s grandma left to him. It will be lovely. But not nearly as lovely as all the being together. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

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