Things that are in no way related.

We are busy. I am tired. Today I felt like I couldn’t think straight. Which could explain the jaggedness of this here little post. Forgive me.

Last night, I went in to check on Kate.  She was curled up like a little baby, her striped jammies scrunched up to her knees and that giraffe under her arm.  She is growing so tall and thin lately, that at the sight of her looking small and round like that I knelt beside her and watched her a moment. I touched her hand and watched her fingers unfurl like the frond of a fern. Still to this day she does that in her sleep…  

And all of a sudden I thought to myself, “I never got her a raincoat and boots when she was little.  And now she’s too old.” 

And I was sad.  I was really, strangely, so sad. I suppose it is a silly thing to regret, right?

On another totally unrelated note…

William, Henry and the brat pack were running around outside today doing I didn’t know what.

–side note — Boys like to run together in packs, somewhat like dogs. When William and Henry step outside it is as though the other boys can smell their scent, I swear. Because pretty soon there are a pack of them loping around my yard. Not that it’s a bad thing. I just think it’s a curious thing. –End side note–

So, like I said, they were running around out there, and I was unaware of what they were up to. I asked William what they were doing, and he said (very casually and as if he didn’t know that he probably shouldn’t clue Mom in to what was going on out there) “Oh we’re just doing Ding-Dong-Ditch.” (Which would explain why I found them hiding in the bushes in the neighbor’s yard…)


I gave him a quick little reprimand, and then asked who he had ding-dong-ditched and he said the neighbors on either side of us. (Gotta teach the boys that you don’t ding-dong-ditch the people that live right next door.) I made him apologize to one of the victims that overheard our conversation.

I then said “Oh we used to call it Ring and Run. I mean that’s what it was called when I was younger, but I never played that game.” Which I actually don’t think I ever DID play it. I did other annoying things.


To be honest, it kind of made me laugh…this mischievousness of my boys. And then The Man told me a story about ringing and running that had me in stitches. It is clear where the mischievousness comes from, no? We are a good, wholesome family, for sure.

I wonder when the neighbors are going to stop letting their children play with mine…

P.S. I got some pretty little pictures of Ella the other day — here is one of my faves…

P.S.S.  Can you see them?  Tiny little freckles.  I am blessed.

Things that are in no way related.

10 thoughts on “Things that are in no way related.

  1. Hehehe – I can see the entire ding-dong-ditch/ring and run conversations playing out – hehehe.

    And Ella – wow! She’s so grown up – and looking so very much like Ella. For so long she’s looked like Henry to me, but she has really changed.

  2. Oh my goodness, I have so many of the raincoat and boots moments. Such a profound sadness that sinks in for that moment of realization.

    I love your kids… completely hilarious! 🙂

    Yes, friend, you are so very blessed.

  3. It was great to catch up yesterday…we need to do that more often. I did not know the boys were playing that game. I thought it was funny though that random kids were showing up at/in the house.

  4. I have the raincoat and boots moments as well.
    At those times, I just have to remember the things we DID do. And be content.
    Your baby is turning into a lovely little girl.

  5. So, I hope that a jagged comment in response the the “jaggedness” of your post is okay.

    a. That child is so freakin’ gorgeous.
    b. The Kate and lack of raincoat and rain boots made me sad, too.
    c. I swear you should write a book.
    d. Hmmm. The pack thing. My first reaction is: “ew, I don’t want a pack of smelly boys hanging around.” But then my second reaction closely follows: “he is my baby, after all, and by then I may very well want a pack of smelly boys hanging around.”

  6. Toni :O) says:

    What an awesome photo you took! I’m so behind on blogs now that I’m back working full time…sigh…the job at the financial planners STUNK so I’m now at a HUGE insurance firm (cause the offer was better and it got me away from the whacko planners!)…they are the wholesaler of insurance companies everywhere (and a law firm) and about 1000 employees nationwide, five minutes from home which is great…lots of new stuff to learn and I support the cranky CEO. Yup, that’s my life now…lucky me. I feel blessed to be employed…just still wondering if this was what God had planned for me. It’s a strange new world supporting a c-level executive…hopefully he warms up to me someday…but I doubt it cause the Law Office Administrator isn’t treated so great by him and she’s been there almost five years! Sigh….some days I wish we didn’t need money to survive, then I could just concentrate on raising my kids! Fun times. Here’s to fall though..bring on the cider mill, donuts and warm cocoa! Have a great weekend!

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