This Week

This week we have been busy. 

This week we have been sick, for the first time in a long time.  Three kids.  There was some throw-up.  There is a lot of nasal spray and there are a lot of tissues. 

This week I dried a lot of tears.

We had cheer practice, football practice, three back-to-school sessions, riding lessons, haircuts, CCD, and a couple of meetings.  

This week, I signed myself up to be room mom for two of the classes.  I offered to run sunshine math for all three. 

This week I deep cleaned our living room.  I researched exterior metal paints.  I ordered a turkey baster, turkey herbs and a fall cornucopia. 

I ordered three pairs of snow boots, one winter coat, two pairs of gloves.   

I paid bills.  Checked accounts.  Sent out reminders.  Made appointments.

This week I did one million loads of laundry. 

I marched little boys into the shower.  Oh, if you could have seen these little boys.  Covered, and I mean covered from head to toe, in dirt.  They insisted they could just sponge off.  I laughed.  They had chunks of wood in their hair.  (“Oh yeah,” said Henry, “I kept bumping my head on the logs.”)

This week I slept less than usual.

This week, I made spaghetti and meatballs, beef with barley soup, Tuscan tuna salad and granola.  The soup was not a hit.

This week, I ate ice cream three times.

I drank some wine.

This week, I worried. 

I remembered things that were long forgotten.

I planned.

I hugged.  

I was frustrated.

I was happy. 

I prayed.

I knew contentedness.

This Week

8 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I love the crazy busyness of being a mom! This week I was contented as I watched my kids gain confidence, overwhelmed with what needed done, stressed when the church flodded (hubby is the pastor) but happy life is adventure! It doesn’t get any better than this!

  2. WOW. You are super mom.

    I’m sorry about the sickies. I HATE vomit. Poor you. Sadly we have been w/out vomit for too long. I’m sure it will creep in here soon. UGh.

    I love the ice cream part too. You deserved more btw. 🙂

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